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    Good Morning Everyone !
    My name is Steven and I have a new Baking Shop in Shenzhen China !
    We are the first to introduce everyone’s Favorite Recipes to China !
    Its great to have a Community like this and thanks to Gemma for all her Great Tutorials and for Sharing so much for FREE !

    Its a Blast to Introduce Canadian Classic Desserts for basically the first time to China !
    With a few Minor modifications to some of the Recipes to suit what I like to call “The Fake” Chinese eating habits…We’re on our way !
    I say ‘Fake’ because most Chinese will proclaim how they don’t like ‘So Sweet’ but, on any given Day you can see them sucking on a Bag of pure Sugar !
    Its kinda like when they tell you about how they don’t like McDonalds or KFC but, they are by far the most popular restaurants in China !!
    We’ve poured out 1000’s of Samples and held many a Promotion and they Love it !
    So…if you’re planning a Trip to China ….we’ve got your Sweets Destination covered !

    Looking Forward to lots of Fun & Tasty Recipes here !

    Yummy’s Bakeries

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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