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    Hi fellow Bold Bakers! <3

    I’m looking to buy a stand mixer this fall. I’ve never had one before so I’m very excited!
    However, I don’t know what type to get. Any recommendations?


    KitchenAid is really strong and durable. Expensive though but other’s that are good: Breville, Kenwood K, Cuisinart. Make sure you get a sturdy one made of metal (preferably)(no plastic) and get a metal or glass bowl.


    I have a Kenwood and I think it is really good and also durable. you don’t have to get a really expensive one, a cheaper one is just as durable.



    Hi Kris,
    If you haven’t already decided on a stand mixer brand I thought I’d give you some food for thought. I have a both the Breville and a KitchenAid semi-pro. I LOVE my Breville. Its wonderful for smaller, lighter jobs – ones that use between 500-750g of flour though I’d stick to the low end of that range. If it were a little bigger I would call it the perfect machine though I imagine not everyone wants to make their own granola bars. I make this heavy, sticky batter often so I opted for a KitchenAid semi-pro model. It does the job with the heavy batter better but the rest of it isn’t nearly as efficient, for example, using the dough hook bread doughs don’t come together as easily and quickly and I have to stop and scrape the bowl at least twice to help the machine along. Unlike the Breville attachments, however, all the KitchenAid ones are dishwasher safe. Hope this helps.



    I wanted a KitchenAid mixer for years, and kept looking for a bargain when stores went out of business. I ended up finding a factory-refurbished one sold by KitchenAid on Amazon, and shipping was free. I didn’t even buy it when I first saw it, then looked back after a while and it was marked down. I’ve had it for ten years and it’s perfect. It was only available in white, but I love it. So you might want to try that and see if you can find one. It might take time for the right one to pop up. – Ann



    Thanks so much for your helpful replies everyone! <3



    Hi how many quart is ideal to buy. please suggest




    I think it depends on what you plan to use your mixer for, regarding batch size and type of dough you’ll be mixing. I’m a mom to 3 teenagers, so I tend to make big batches of everything under the moon and sun. I have a 6.5 quart Bosch mixer that is a powerhouse when mixing my big batches, especially of bread! But Kitchen Aid also has a 6-quart option that I hear is really good. Here’s a blog post from a baking blogger that I refer to, as it compares side by side the benefits of both KA and Bosch:

    KitchenAid vs. Bosch {Which Mixer Do You Really Need?}

    And here’s the resource to my mixer. It’s awesome! But make sure whatever you purchase fits your needs as a baker 🙂

    Bosch Universal Plus Mixer (800 Watt, 6.5 Quart)

    I hope that helps!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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