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    Hey Gemma I surely love new features of site …….. believe me the best one is that we can save our favorite recipes.That’s the best part.I am sure one day this community will become world’s biggest online bold baking community 🙂



    Hi Gemma and everyone,
    Gemma I think you are absolutely awesome and I love your recipes. Excited to be apart of the community!



    I am so happy I stumbled over your YouTube channel when I was searching for Popsicle, you are a wonderful cook and baker and I can’t wait to see what more you make.

    I am so happy to be here at your wonderful blog and your community 🙂
    Cant wait to Get to know all off you bold bakers.

    Best wishes, from Siv Anita, a 35 year old lady from Norway 🙂


    Jigar Patel

    Hello Gemma.HI your website is so amazing… It gives us a tips and simple trick to make ever easy recipe which we have never heard of it.I am really exicted to and I want to buy that blender mixer you used in every recipe of milkshake Gemma can u tell how i can buy that???


    Shailja Khurana

    Gemma, I love all of your recipes and I never miss any new coming recipe of yours. Thanks for making this website, now anybody can learn baking with the simplest techniques.



    Hello from Japan. I`m Ann
    I am originally from Germany and am actually a terrible cook. I love baking though and I absolutely love your youtube channel.
    Watching them, trying your recipes… can`t get any easier.
    Your ice cream videos have reached some popularity in Japan as well, I have a feeling you truly can make this a huge community 🙂
    I`m looking forward to trying all the good things I can find on your website ( nice layout btw, awesome job, Kevin :))


    Taxi Baking Dad UK

    Hi Gemma and everyone in the BBB community

    First let me congratulate you and your team on the launch of BBB and the new website. It looks awesome ????

    I’m a complete newbie to baking and I’ve literally stumbled onto your YouTube channel while looking for ideas for egg substitutes for a cake recipe, as I have a daughter who as a egg allergy and who has never had cake ?. So I can wait to start baking and become a mad scientist in the kitchen ?



    Hi im new here and i just want to greet everyone a great day! Im very ineterested in baking nowadays and i love all your videos gemma ? it helps me improve my baking skills. I want to open a coffee shop with awesome pastries someday. Thank you for inspiring us with your recipes! I want to be a pastry chef too!!!!



    Hi I was wondering wondering if you can use butter extract in butter cookies to enhance its flavours?



    Hi Gemma! Just signed up and feeling excited to be a part of Bigger Bolder Community.Hoping to see more bread recipes and cakes from you. 🙂



    Hi, I am Lisa, and I am a mother of 3 grown ladies (2 of which have new husbands) and three grandchildren (finally a boy!). These recipes look like fun!



    Hi Gemma I love your videos and am exited to try out ur recipes:)



    So excited to have found your website, my 9 year old loves to bake with me and your mug cake recipes are perfect for her to start baking on her own….thank you



    Hey Gemma,
    Love your channel a lot….
    I am just 14 years old and I have now become a really good baker, all thanks to you..
    I only follow your recipes because I find them very easy to work with..
    Thank you so much for creating a platform like this for us..
    We love you Gemma!!!!!!!



    Wow this website is epic i will be enjoying all the comments you can send and saving work not forgetting baking!?

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 60 total)

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