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    I love baking but I still have a lot to learn! Thank you for this website!



    Thank you for all of the wonderful recipes. I look forward to learning how to be a better baker. I like that you are sharing your knowledge and training as a professional. It truly makes baking feel so rewarding. My family loves the recipes that I have tried.


    Little Pastry

    Im new here. Also,super excited about this baking blogging community!


    Brilliant website to go with the amazing videos. Thank you for doing what you love



    love the website gemma



    Really pleased to have found the site.



    Hello gems am an’ya also known as birthday glitz I am so glad for a website like this other wise where would I go for baking tips and recipes am so glad to be part of this community and love the website. Btw I need some advice, my mother is having her birthday on the 28 we are having a surprise birthday and her fab color is purpule any ideas I only have one idea which is for the cake that is 3 layers microwave cake! I loved that recipie




    My name name is Harry I live in southern Illinois.
    about two years ago my best friend and I got an opportunity to go to Ireland was in Dublin and cork.. She had to work for a few days while she worked I got to enjoy the sights… I took well over 5000 pictures..
    I enjoy many of your recipes… My two favorites are the scones as well the Irish soda bread! I’m curious what is your favorite tea? We drink Irish breakfast “from trader Joe’s.”



    Hi I made the cookie dough but my cookies come out flat.



    This new site is wonderful! I love everything you are sharing to help us be better “bolder” bakers. I have tried the Crazy muffins, scones, and doughnuts. I have never had any luck at all trying to get yeast to rise in my kitchen and was reluctant to try the doughnuts….I microwaved hot water and put it in a pan in the bottom of my cold oven and then my dough on the middle shelf for the 2 hours and I got a wonderful rise. It held in the refrigerator over night and I ended up with the very first yeast product that turned out perfectly (ever) without using a bread machine. Thanks for everything and I am ready to try more dough now.



    Hi Gemma, I really like your concepts of time saving, approach with encouragement, and single portioning.



    Yesterday, i was searching for Muffins recipe and came across your channel in youtube. It was amazing and i tried it out. Came out nice in color and taste. Already posted the pics. Happy to be part of the community. Hope to learn more.



    Can you please share churos recipe. I love your recipes.



    Hello and thank you for letting me join in here!

    I am a retired/disabled lover of baking. When my children were little I cooked and baked everything from scratch. I got out of the habit when I started a business to support the home and family with. But now, that I am no longer able to work outside the home, I have been wanting to return to my scratch cooking ways. Stumbling across your Bigger Bolder Baking videos has been great inspiration! I look forward to being here on your web site every day.

    P.S. Your accent brings back lovely memories of my childhood when family members still spoke with an Irish lilt. My grandmother’s family was from County Mayo and my Grandfathers family was from County Cork. 🙂



    Hi Gemma. So glad I found your frozen yogurt recipe. What a healthy version of ice cream!! 🙂 My 8 yr old is excited to create the different flavors. I’m wondering …do you have any gluten free recipes. I have recently developed celiac disease. Ugh!
    Thank you For sharing and being so positive!!

Viewing 15 posts - 31 through 45 (of 60 total)

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