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  • I am trying to convert the giant chocolate chip cookie recipe into a larger batch…. this is what i came up with, i hvent tried it out yet but id like to see if this looks right to you all……

    Original Recipe
    2 Tbsp (1oz/30g) butter
    3 Tbsp light-brown sugar
    1 pinch salt
    1 tbsp whisked egg*
    ¼ tsp vanilla extract
    5 tbsp all-purpose flour
    ⅛ ts…[Read more]

  • I am making your make ahead apple pie right now, i made a slight adjustment becasue i have some pears that need to be used up, so it has become an apple pear pie…. ill post a pic to show you the results!! My mum and i are making all kinds of yummy things while im on bedrest(preggo with twins, due in two weeks), and next on the list is your…[Read more]

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