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Crazy Dough Braided Nutella Loaf Recipe
Prep Time
2 hrs
Cook Time
25 mins
Total Time
2 hrs 25 mins

Crazy Dough is one easy recipe for how to make bread and endless variations including my Crazy Dough Braided Nutella Loaf for a chocolaty treat!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2 loaves
Author: Gemma Stafford
  1. Once your Crazy Dough has proofed for the first time (about 1 hour) transfer to a lightly floured surface.
  2. Cut the dough in half to create 2 loaves. Roll using a rolling pin to 16 x 9 inch rectangle.
  3. Using a spatula or butter knife spread the Nutella across the rectangle in an even thin layer, about 1 inch away from the edge of the dough. You don't want too much Nutella as it can muddy when you cut your bread.
  4. Using your fingertips gently roll the dough into a tight log. Once the dough had been rolled into a log carefully slice down the center of the log using a serrated knife.
  5. Now that you're left with 2 parts of dough start at the top pinching the 2 parts together, then twisting them around each other until you get to the bottom. Re-pinch pinch the bottom and top of the twisted log together to secure the loaf.
  6. Grease a loaf tin with vegetable oil and carefully lift your braided loaf into the center of the tin.
  7. Cover with plastic wrap and a tea towel and allow to proof for a second time, 45 minutes to an hour.
  8. Pre-heat your oven to 375oF (190oC). Uncover your braided loaf (it should be about double in size) and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
  9. Allow to cool in the tin for 15-20 minutes before slicing and serving, enjoy!