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Caramel Rum Sauce recipe being spooned.
Spiced Rum Caramel Sauce Recipe
Prep Time
5 mins
Cook Time
15 mins

Once you make my Spiced Rum Caramel Sauce recipe, you'll be looking for new things to drizzle it on — everything from fruit to brownies, and even sundaes!

Course: Dessert
Cuisine: American
Servings: 2 cups
Author: Gemma Stafford
  • 1 cup (8oz/225g) granulated sugar
  • cup (2 ½ oz/71g) butter (room temperature)
  • 4 tablespoons water
  • ½ cup whipping cream
  • cup (2 ½ floz/71ml) dark rum*
  1. In a medium, heavy-bottomed saucepan, add the sugar and water.

  2. Over medium/low heat, stir allowing the sugar to fully dissolve but don't simmer.

  3. Once the sugar has dissolved, you can turn up the heat a little and bring to a simmer. Allow simmering undisturbed until it reaches a rich brown color, roughly 10-15 minutes. (Do not stir the boiling sugar, as this can cause it to crystallize)

  4. When you have reached a deep brown color (but not smoking), quickly whisk in the butter, followed by the cream. (Note: the cream will bubble up once added so stand back.)

  5. Remove from the heat and whisk in the rum.

  6. Allow the caramel sauce to cool completely before storing in a jar in the fridge for up to 6 months. This sauce is fantastic to have to hand to spruce up any dessert like a sundae, roasted bananas, or on top of a warm brownie.