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How to Make 9 Handmade Pasta Shapes

Master 9 pasta shapes easily and professionally: Farfalle, Busiate, Gnocchetti, Penne, Trofie, Rigatoni, Foglie, Malloreddus, and Orecchiette.
2-Ingredient Semolina Pasta is made into 9 pasta shapes, drying on a lightly floured surface. Farfalle (bow ties), Busiate (spiral), Gnocchetti (ridged small elongated shell), Penne (smooth tubes), Trofie (twisted pasta), Rigatoni (ribbed tubes), Foglie (olive leaf), Cavatelli (mini hot dog bun), and Orecchiette (small ears).

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WHY YOU’LL LOVE THIS POST: This post will show you How to Make 9 Handmade Pasta Shapes with straightforward techniques yet with professional-grade results. Each pasta dough not only introduces a distinct flavor but also a unique texture, elevating the sensory experience and adding delightful variety to your culinary creations. 

2-Ingredient Semolina Pasta is made into 9 pasta shapes, drying on a lightly floured surface. Farfalle (bow ties), Busiate (spiral), Gnocchetti (ridged small elongated shell), Penne (smooth tubes), Trofie (twisted pasta), Rigatoni (ribbed tubes), Foglie (olive leaf), Cavatelli (mini hot dog bun), and Orecchiette (small ears).

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or a kitchen enthusiast, this collection unveils the secrets behind crafting the perfect Orecchiette (small ears), Malloreddus/Gnocchetti (ridged small elongated shell), Cavatelli (mini hot dog bun), Trofie (twisted pasta), Busiate (spiral), Foglie (olive leaf), Rigatoni (ribbed tubes), Penne (smooth tubes), and Farfalle (bow ties). Each shape tells a unique story, inviting you to explore the artistry, tradition, and delicious possibilities of handmade semolina pasta. Elevate your cooking experience and bring the joy of homemade pasta to your table!

Both Semolina Pasta and 2-ingredient Homemade Pasta shine in their own ways.

  • 2-Ingredient Semolina Pasta is made from semolina flour and water with a more robust, wheaty, nutty taste than pasta made from all-purpose flour. Known as “pasta di semola” in Italy, it’s a traditional pasta that’s popular in Southern Italy, particularly Puglia, Calabria, and Sicily, where durum wheat is grown.
  • 2-Ingredient Homemade Pasta is made from all-purpose flour or plain flour, which is easily accessible. It gives the fresh pasta elasticity to hold its shape during cooking. The amount of gluten also gives the pasta a perfectly firm and slightly chewy texture.

Pasta Shapes No.1 Orecchiette Pasta Recipe

Freshly made Orecchiette Pasta is drying on a floured wooden board. This unique semolina pasta is small, round, and slightly domed with an indented center, resembling tears and making it great for capturing the various toppings and condiments.

The name of this cup-shaped pasta translates to “little ears.” It has a rich, wheaty flavor and is the ideal vessel for catching every drop of delicious sauce. Orecchiette originated in the region of Puglia in Southern Italy in the 12th century. There’s even an annual festival celebrating the local pasta shape!

The most popular orecchiette dishes are Orecchiette with Sausage and Fennel (Orecchiette con Salsiccia e Finocchio), Orecchiette with Chickpeas (Orecchiette con Ceci), Orecchiette with Tomato and Burrata, Orecchiette with Pesto and Cherry Tomatoes, Orecchiette with Anchovies and Bread Crumbs (Orecchiette con Acciughe e Mollica).

Pasta Shapes No.2 Malloreddus Pasta Recipe (Gnocchetti Sardi)

Malloreddus Pasta (Gnocchetti Sardi) is placed around a gnocchi board with 3 pieces on it. Malloreddus is shaped into small, elongated shells with a slightly curved shape. A glass bowl of flour is on the side.

Malloreddus, or gnocchetti sardi, are small, ribbed semolina pasta shells that are perfect for a variety of sauces, but especially a thick meat ragu—the nooks and ridges of this shape ensure it picks up every bit of sauce!

The most popular malloreddus pasta dishes are Malloreddus alla Campidanese, Malloreddus with Tomato and Basil Sauce, Malloreddus with Pesto Sardo, Malloreddus with Lamb Ragu, and Malloreddus with Sausage and Fennel.

Pasta Shapes No.3 Cavatelli Pasta Recipe

Cavatelli pasta is in a large metal ladle spoon. It has a curved shape of an elongated shell or a tiny hot dog bun! There are some extra pieces of cavtelli on the floured wooden board.

Cavatelli is a southern Italian semolina pasta. The curved shape will remind you of an elongated shell, or even a tiny hot dog bun! You’ll love that the unique shape allows it to scoop up sauce and trap small bits of ingredients, making each bite delightful.

The most popular cavatelli dishes are Cavatelli with Ricotta and Spinach, Cavatelli with Vodka Sauce, Cavatelli with Clam Sauce, Cavatelli with Puttanesca Sauce, and Cavatelli with Broccoli Rabe and Sausage.

Pasta Shapes No.4 Trofie Pasta Recipe

Semolina Trofie pasta is placed on a lightly floured wooden board. Their notable small, short, and irregular cylinder shape contributes to Trofie clinging to and absorbing sauces effectively. A glass bowl of extra semolina is on the side.

Trofie pasta has a unique thin and rolled shape providing a pleasant mouthfeel with soft yet slightly chewy texture. Its signature twists are eye-catching and allow it to cling to and absorb sauces effectively.

The most popular trofie pasta dishes are Trofie al Pesto, Trofie with Tomato and Basil, Trofie with Creamy Mushroom Sauce, Baked Trofie Pasta Casserole, and Trofie Carbonara.

Pasta Shapes No.5 Busiate Pasta Recipe

Yellow semolina Busiate pasta is in characteristic cord shape and placed on a lightly floured wooden board, with a red color kitchen towel underneath.

Busiate pasta is known for its characteristic cord shape that’s ideal for holding chunky or vegetable-based sauces. Its versatility extends beyond the realm of traditional Sicilian cuisine.

The most popular busiate pasta dishes are Busiate with Pesto Trapanese, Busiate alla Norma, Busiate with Sicilian Sausage and Broccoli Rabe, Busiate with Seafood, and Busiate with Sun-Dried Tomatoes and Capers.

Pasta Shapes No.6 Olive Leaf Pasta Recipe (Foglie d’Ulivo)

Olive Leaf Pasta is placed on a lightly floured wood board. Foglie d'Ulivo is in elongated, shell-like shape which is big enough to work in a variety of dishes and perfect for capturing every bite of sauce.

This Olive Leaf pasta (Foglie d’Ulivo) has elongated shells with curved edges. It’s perfect in size to work in a variety of dishes and easy to shape for beginners!  It’s was created just for capturing every bite of your favorite sauce.

The most popular Foglie d’Ulivo dishes are Burrata Foglie d’Ulivo, Foglie d’Ulivo ai Funghi, Olive Leaf Pasta and Herbs, Foglie d’Ulivo Ragu, and Olive Leaf Pasta with Shrimp.

Pasta Shapes No.7 Rigatoni Pasta recipe (How to Make Rigatoni Pasta)

Rigatoni pasta is drying on a wooden board. It's in ridged, tubular shape and about 2 inches long with squared-off ends. It got the yellow color from semolina flour.

Rigatoni pasta is a large tube-shaped pasta. The ridges of this generously proportioned pasta grip and lock sauce and Parmesan cheese. Rigatoni has the necessary heft to stand up in baked pasta dishes, and it won’t get lost in a thick and chunky ragu.

The most popular rigatoni dishes are Rigatoni with Sausage and Peppers, Rigatoni with Four Cheese Sauce, Rigatoni alla Carbonara, Rigatoni with White Bolognese, and Rigatoni alla Gricia.

Pasta Shapes No.8 Homemade Penne Pasta Recipe

Penne pasta is drying on a wooden board. It's an eggless tubular-shaped pasta, cut diagonally on the ends and resembles an old-fashioned writing quill that was dipped in ink. A small glass bowl of flour is on the side.

The tubular-shaped penne pasta is not only robust enough to hold its own in a stick-to-your-ribs baked pasta casserole but also perfectly bite-sized and proportioned to use in pasta salad.

The most popular penne pasta dishes are Penne alla Vodka recipe, Penne with Chicken and Broccoli, Penne alla Pizzaiola, Penne allo Scarpariello, and Penne alla Valdostana.

Pasta Shapes No.9: Farfalle Pasta Recipe (How to Make Farfalle Pasta)

Butterfly-shaped Farfalle Pasta with perfect crevasses and fluted edges is drying on a wooden board with a fluted pasta cutter. A bowl of extra flour is on the side.

This Farfalle pasta will give you butterfly-shaped pasta that has the perfect crevices and fluted edges to scoop up every bite of a sauce or the ingredients of a pasta salad.

The most popular farfalle dishes are Farfalle with Pesto, Pasta Freda (Cold Pasta Salad), Farfalle with Aurora Sauce, Farfalle with Peas and Parmesan, and Vegetable Primavera.

As we wrap up our journey through the world of 9 Handmade Pasta Shapes, we hope you’ve found inspiration to elevate your culinary skills. Each shape, from the charming Farfalle to the robust Rigatoni, carries its own unique story in flavor and texture. Moreover, these pasta specials will impress you as well: chewy Hand-Rolled Pici Pasta made with bread flour, soft gnocchi made with potatoes, and delicate Ricotta Gnocchi with secret ricotta cheese!

Now, armed with minimal techniques and the promise of professional-grade results, it’s time to bring these pasta masterpieces to life in your own kitchen. Let the joy of handmade pasta-making continue to enhance your culinary adventures, turning every meal into a celebration of creativity and deliciousness.

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