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Brownies & Bars

Throughout my career as a professional chef and baker, I’ve dedicated myself  to making the ultimate brownie recipe — and I have! But that’s not the end of it. You can actually make brownies anytime, anywhere, in almost any way you’d like. Come for my Best-Ever Brownies recipe, but stay for my Stovetop Brownies, Microwave Brownies, Gluten-Free Brownies, and more!

Also, you’ll be happy to know that my Best-Ever Blondie recipe can be found right here too. They are brownies’ delicious caramelly cousins. 

Secrets To Making the Perfect Brownies and Bars:

  • To get that paper-thin, crinkle top you see on your favorite brownies recipes you need to under mix your brownie batter.  
  • Bake them as instructed in the recipe to ensure a fudgy center
  • Use good quality chocolate when making brownies to get the best and richest results

About Us

Meet Gemma

About Us

Meet Gemma

Hi Bold Bakers! I’m Gemma Stafford, a professional chef originally from Ireland, and I want to help you bake with confidence anytime, anywhere!

A few key Bold Baking facts:

  • My online show Bigger Bolder Baking has been viewed more than 500M times!
  • I’ve been featured as a guest judge on Nailed It! on Netflix, Best Baker in America on Food Network, and Hulu’s Baker’s Dozen.
  • My first cookbook, Bigger Bolder Baking, has more than 2000 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reviews

No matter your skills, my Bold Baking Team & I want to be your #1 baking authority.

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