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Hot Chocolate Truffles

4.74 from 42 votes
Hot Chocolate Chocolate Truffles say Happy Christmas. Add this brilliant Hot Chocolate Bomb to your holiday gifts and treats.
Hot Chocolate Truffles - Wow your family this Christmas with these delicious Hot Chocolate Truffles!!

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Hi Bold Bakers!

For me Hot Chocolate says Christmas — and my Hot Chocolate Truffles say HAPPY Christmas! I love how people take the time to do something special for their family and friends at this time of year. I like wrapping gifts with pretty ribbons, dropping by to visit friends and family, and sharing lots of meals and holiday baking. This year I created a ton of Holiday Baking Recipes for you and your family to enjoy.

My Hot Chocolate Truffles recipe is one of the best, and a great way to show someone special that you care!

Oh, and you might know it by its other name… the Hot Chocolate Bomb!


Imagine a little chocolate flavor bomb you drop into warm milk whenever friends come around, allowing you to make the most decadent hot chocolate in minutes! Well, these Hot Chocolate Truffles are just that. They look like a chocolate truffle and can be enjoyed by themselves, but they are also the base to a super-rich and indulgent holiday hot chocolate.

My Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe is going to be one you make every single winter from now on!

A bowl of hot chocolate truffles.

How To Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

These Hot Chocolate Truffles start with basic Chocolate Ganache.  (Ganache is super handy, check out these 3 Ways to use Chocolate Ganache). First, you melt together good quality chocolate and cream, then you pop it into the fridge to set. After about an hour you scoop your truffles out and roll them in your coating of choice.

Hot Chocolate Bombs covered in mini marshmallows, peppermint, and chocolate.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Toppings

The creative finish is to roll each Hot Chocolate Truffle in the topping of your choice. If you like a peppermint hot chocolate, roll your truffle in crushed peppermint candies. If you like marshmallows in your cocoa just roll your truffles in mini marshmallows. It really is that easy. You keep these perfect little Hot Chocolate Truffles in the fridge and whenever you want that extra special holiday drink, just pop these into a mug of hot milk.

A mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows after using my Hot Chocolate Bomb recipe!

Holiday Baking Headquarters

Have you seen my Holiday Baking Headquarters page? There you will find every recipe you could possibly need for the Holidays including Easy Sugar Cookies, my Last Minute Christmas Pudding, and more edible gifts!

Watch The Recipe Video!

Hot Chocolate Truffles Recipe (Hot Chocolate Bomb)

4.74 from 42 votes
Hot Chocolate Chocolate Truffles say Happy Christmas. Add this brilliant Hot Chocolate Bomb to your holiday gifts and treats.
Author: adapted from
Servings: 20
Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 5 mins
Total Time 15 mins
Hot Chocolate Chocolate Truffles say Happy Christmas. Add this brilliant Hot Chocolate Bomb to your holiday gifts and treats.
Author: adapted from
Servings: 20


  • 2 cups (12oz/340g) semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup (8floz/225ml) cream
  • 1 tablespoon sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon salt
  • Optional Toppings:
  • Cocoa powder
  • Crushed peppermint candy
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Mini Marshmallows


  • Place all ingredients in a pot and melt together on low heat. Stir to combine.
  • Let ganache mixture cool down at room temperature for roughly 2-3 hours then chill it in the fridge until stiff enough to scoop but not too hard.
  • Make small scoops, about 2 tablespoons each. Place on a baking tray in the freezer for one hour.
  • Remove scoops from the freezer and roll into balls.
  • Roll in your choice of topping: Crushed peppermint candy, cocoa powder, cinnamon, mini marshmallows (If you try the mini marshmallows, you really have to push the marshmallows into the chocolate balls).
  • Store the truffles in a container at room temperature or in the fridge. Either is fine. They will keep fresh for 1 week at room temperature and 4 weeks in the fridge.
  • When ready, drop chocolate balls into 1 ½ cups of hot milk and stir!


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3 years ago

Hi!!:) can I make this with full fat coconut milk?

5 months ago

Can I make this with full-fat milk?

Natalie Stalcup
Natalie Stalcup(@natalie5346)
10 months ago

I would like to buy your cookbook and was wondering if this recipe is in it? I love trying your recipes because they are simple but look like I spent half the day baking. Thank you for such wonderful recipes and simple solutions to making our own ingredients for some items.

Willow River
Willow River(@willow-river)
11 months ago

Hi Gemma. I really want to try these out, particularly the marshmallow variant. My only problem is I don’t know where to get dehydrated marshmallows from. I know you said you got yours from your local grocery store, but none of the ones in my area carry them. Do you have any recommendations?

1 year ago

Step 2,3,4 seem different directions than the video…?…

Madeline Hudson
Madeline Hudson
1 year ago

Help! I made my ganache with 18% cream and half milk, half dark 70-85% choloclate. The top was nice and solid, underneath very mushy. After over night in the fridge. I’m going to throw it in the freezer and see if that helps. Any suggestions?

1 year ago

I saw a lot of hot chocolate truffle recipes that required heavy/condensed cream, but yours doesn’t. What would be the difference between condensed and normal cream?

1 year ago

Hi Gemma, can you add cornstarch to the recipe for thicker hot chocolate? If so around how much would you say? Thanks and happy holidays!

L Turcotte
L Turcotte
1 year ago

Do the crushed peppermint pieces actually melt in the hot chocolate? Just wondering if I need to crush them really, really fine. Your mini marshmallows look very tiny. Did you let them sit out and shrink and dry out before using?

1 year ago

Hey I used semi sweet chocolate chips from Ghirardelli. The hot mixture seemed a bit on the sour side to it because of the salt in it? I haven’t tried Ghirardelli before hence want to check. I hope the truffles turn out fine.

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