The Boldest & Best Summer Dessert Recipes Of 2021

From Nectarine Olive Oil Cake to Strawberry & Cream Pastries, this is the official list of the Boldest and BEST Summer Dessert Recipes of 2021!
Three recipes side by side for the Best Summer Desserts

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Last year we rounded up all of our baker friends to bring you the Best Baking Recipes of 2020 — we thought we’d do it again, but with summer recipes! So, we gathered all of the fresh creators & bakers we know and love and asked them to submit their Boldest & Best Summer Dessert Recipes of 2021, and we were blown away. I’ve been a big fan of how these creators bake for a while now, and I’m thrilled to get to share them all with you!

Honestly, can you think of a better way than to celebrate being halfway through 2021? I can’t! — and I cannot wait to share all of these with you. Keep in mind: some of these recipes are only found on the bakers’ social media pages, some are found on their websites, and some are in the videos themselves, but we’ll point you in the right direction for each.

So, without further adieu, here are the Boldest & Best Summer Dessert Recipes of 2021… and make sure you watch the full VIDEO of all the recipes down below!

Strawberry & Cream Pastries — Benjamin The Baker

The inside of Benjamin The Baker's Strawberries and Cream Pastries

Benjamin The Baker, also known as @BenjaminTheBaker on TikTok, is right — his Strawberry & Cream Pastry does scream summer to me! Not only do his strawberries look sweet and indulgent, but that pastry of his looks like it balances the right amount of crisp with those soft layers. Ben is a school teacher turned baker who has recently been making waves online for his science-based approach to everything baked!

Nectarine Olive Oil Cake — Kai Kani

Nectarine Olive Oil Cake

Kai Kani, also known at @KaiCooking on TikTok, made this absolutely lovely Nectarine Olive Oil Cake for our #BoldSummer campaign. I just recently fell in love with using olive oil in my desserts, something which Kai seems to have mastered. Based in and out of LA and Las Vegas, Kai has been running her own catering businesses from a young age — and if our feelings are right, you’re going to be seeing a lot more of Kai everywhere, soon!

Oh, and give her a follow on YouTube while you’re at it!

Chocolate & Biscoff Parfait — Divya Kapoor

Two Chocolate and Biscoff Parfaits

If you want the recipe for Divya Kapoor’s amazing Chocolate & Biscoff Parfaits, you can find it in the description of her own YouTube video here. Doesn’t this summer dessert look like everything you’ve dreamed of having on the back deck at sunset while the fireflies dance through the air? I don’t get flowery often, but hey, when the mood strikes… and my mood says parfaits.

Strawberry Balsamic Glaze — Irene Walton

Like Irene says: you can put this recipe on everything! I’m so glad that Irene submitted this recipe as her favorite summer dessert recipe because sometimes a dessert isn’t finished until it has a perfect sauce, and Irene’s Strawberry Balsamic Glaze is just that. You can get more of her recipes on her YouTube channel, right here.

Caramel S’Mores Bars — Kim from @KickassBaker

Caramel S'mores Bars

Kim is a jack of all trades and has made an incredible dessert for anyone who can get enough s’mores — like Brian on our team. You can find the written recipe for these incredible caramel bars on her website right here, and be sure to follow her everywhere @Kickassbaker. Nothing says summer like s’mores around a campfire, right?

Mango Trifle — Ritika Ahuja

A mango trifle in a glass as part of our Summer Dessert Recipes roundup.

Is this the summer of mangoes? Chance would have it that we have TWO desserts on this list with mangoes, both look incredible. Ritika Ahuja’s Mango Trifle is not to be trifled with, it’s layers of absolute goodness and all the sweet and tangy mango flavor you crave! You can find Ritika on Instagram @Just_Desserts_By_Ritika.

Lotus Biscoff Ice Cream — @DoughyDelightsByMariam

Biscoff Ice Cream

Wait, maybe we should say it’s the summer of Biscoff? This is the second dessert on this list featuring such a famous and delicious cookie, but this one is a tad bit colder — because it’s ice cream! Big thanks to Mariam Chaudhry of @DoughyDelightsByMariam — be sure to follow her!

Mango Mousse Cake — Unaiza Hayat / @MyWhiskList

Slices of Mango Mousse Cake

Just when you think this recipe is near its end, it just keeps going… in the best way possible! This recipe by @MyWhiskList has it all including a light-as-air mousse cake and incredible mangoes on top trapped in delicious gelatin on this list of Best Summer Dessert Recipes 2021. If you want the full recipe, check it out on her Instagram here or click the pic above for a PDF!

Whole Lemon Tart — Gemma Stafford

Oh look, it’s me! I made this list, so I get to put a recipe on it. It’s only fair — and my favorite from my summer dessert recipes that I’ve made is my Whole Lemon Tart. It’s simple, gorgeous, and full of bright flavors. Plus, you use an entire lemon, peel and all, so I don’t know how easier it can get!

I can’t thank everyone enough for submitting to our first-ever list of the Boldest & Best Summer Dessert Recipes — I hope everyone checks out each of these wonderful bakers and creators and gives them the support and love that they deserve! Thanks a million, everybody!

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