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Simple Chocolate Rice Pudding (Champorado)

In the Philippines, they call it "champorado," but in the end it's the creamiest, most chocolatey rice pudding you've ever had.

Hi Bold Bakers!

This recipe for chocolate rice pudding is one of my greatest creations yet! Rice pudding lovers and chocolate fiends unite, this recipe has all the richness and texture of a classic comforting rice pudding but is infused with one of my most favorite flavors, chocolate. Filipinos call it “champorado,” and it is absolutely delicious.

If you’ve never had anything like this before, you’ve got run — not walk — to your kitchen and make this simple chocolate rice pudding.

What is the best kind of rice to use for Rice Pudding (Champorado)?

Rice pudding is all about that thick starchy sauce, well, “puddingy” texture. The way you create this texture is not just by adding liquid to the rice, it’s in the rice itself.

Rice comes in so many different shapes and varieties, and they are all good for different things. For rice pudding, you want to choose a starchy sticky rice, as this is the kind that releases starch into liquid while cooking to form a thick rich sauce. Sushi rice, calrose or aborio, are the best kinds of rice to make rice pudding. They are all on the medium-to-short grain side and really lend themselves to the flavor of rice pudding.

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Why Is My Rice Pudding Too Thick? Why Is My Rice Pudding Too Thin?

This recipe has the perfect combination of ingredients to ensure the pudding is just the right consistency.

Cooking all of these ingredients slowly and steadily in my GoodCook 2 Quart Saucepan is the key to the right result. Unlike other pans you might use to cook rice for a longer period of time, this pan will keep the bottom from scolding and cook the rice really evenly, meaning it will never stick on you, leaving you with a cleanup nightmare.

If for some reason you find that the rice pudding is too thin, it means it’s not quite done and the rice just needs a bit more time to develop its starch. If it’s too thick it might mean the rice is super starchy. In this case all you have to do is add a bit more liquid to loosen it up. That said, I love my rice pudding thick, rich, and creamy, especially when you throw chocolate into the mix.

What Kind Of Chocolate Should I Use?

For all those chocolate lovers out there, I made this chocolate rice pudding pack a chocolate punch. Not only is this rice pudding made with good quality cocoa powder, but it’s also loaded with bittersweet chocolate.

I love the addition of actual chocolate as it adds creamy texture and richness. I use bittersweet chocolate because the evaporated milk and sugar add just the right amount of sweetness. That said if you like your rice pudding on the sweeter side, feel free to add a bit of extra sugar to taste.

Can You Make Rice Pudding With Leftover Rice?

Chocolate Rice Pudding or Champorado recipe from Chef Gemma Stafford

This is such a great question! Leftover rice is a great base for all kinds of desserts and puddings, and you can use it to make rice pudding. That said, I highly suggest you make this chocolate rice pudding from start to finish as slowly looking the rice from raw is what creates the signature rice pudding texture.

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1 year ago

Where is the recipe for the chocolate rice pudding .it tells the story and video but does not tell me what I need and how much

julia morgan
2 years ago

Where is the actual recipe for champorado?

5 months ago

Dear Gemma, would you be so kind to give the proportions of ingredients of the Chocolate rice pudding. I used the link you had given above, but can’t find the recipe there. Is it possible, that the recipe was deleted from your partner site goodcook? I wonder, probably I can’t see it because I am in Ukraine…?

6 months ago

please include the recipe card.

10 months ago

Hi Gemma, thank you.

I am trying to find a yummy rice pudding in a mug version.
Can you share a microwave mug version of this? This looks delicious.
Will it work using leftover rice as I have never cooking rice in a microwave?

1 year ago

Hi. Gemma, I absolutely love watching you cook on the videos you post. I am a huge fan of yours you make me smile every single time I watch you.

2 years ago

Hi gemma,

I cant get evaporated milk where im living but i really want to make this! Could i use condensed milk instead and still get the same results?

2 years ago

Can u please write down the ingredients with measurements
How much rice water etc

Rachael Southward
Rachael Southward
2 years ago

Can I make normal rice pudding with this recipe? I’m sadly allergic to chocolate.

2 years ago

Hi Gemma! Thanks for another wonderful recipe!
I want to make this but in my country there is only basmati rice. Would that be okay?

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