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Stop Fruit From Sinking to the Bottom of Cake

When baking treats that are filled with fruits, they sometimes sink to the bottom. Don't worry Bold Bakers, there's an easy way to stop fruit sinking!
Here's how to stop fruit from sinking to the bottom of cake!

Hi Bold Bakers!

When your cakes are jam-packed with yummy goodies inside you want them to be well distributed. How to Stop Fruit from Sinking to the Bottom of Cake is a common question here, read on for the answer!  I love a good Blueberry Muffin that has a burst of fresh blueberry inside of it or my Irish Christmas Cake that is absolutely filled with dried cherries, raisins, and citrus that have all been soaked in a strong whiskey.

If you love these kinds of things, then you know they can tend to have something in common! Rich batters filled with tons of yummy stuff inside can sometimes all sink to the bottom. This is mostly because all of the goodies, whatever they may be, are heavier than that batter itself.

Well, now that we know WHY this is happening, I am sure you’re wondering how to avoid it, and if there’s a quick fix.

How to Stop Fruit From Sinking to the Bottom of Cake

All you have to do is give all your goodies (raisins, cherries, blueberries, currants, etc) a light coating of flour before adding them into your dough or batters. It’s just that easy!

The reason behind it is that this will give the dough or batter something to adhere to which holds these lovely bits in place in the bake. This improves the look of whatever you’re baking, as all of those pockets of goodness are now evenly distributed throughout the bake, as opposed to lumped together on the bottom of your cake tins! Do try this, I promise that you’ll never skip this step again once you see the results.

P.S When adding Maraschino (Glace) cherries, rinse them off first in water before tossing in flour to remove that heavy sugar syrup they are held in.

Showing fruit evenly distributed through the cake after following the steps on How To Stop Fruit From Sinking to the Bottom of the Cake.

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Gail mainland
Gail mainland
10 months ago

That won’t work if you use brandy- soaked fruit in your cake. Any tips for that Gemma?

Stephen N Fisher
10 months ago

This would also apply to your microwave cup recipes as well!

Gay Evans
Gay Evans
5 days ago

My recipe says boil the fruit then add flour etc


Hey Gemma,
I did this for raisins and walnuts in my carrot cake cupcakes, and it worked fantastically well. Thanks for such amazing tips!!!!

3 months ago

Doesn’t work. Made a fruit cake with 400 mixed fruit yesterday, used this suggestion but the fruit still sunk to the bottom.

4 months ago

Gemma would this also work for nuts? I’ve made a lemon pound cake with walnuts (my fiance’s fave) and all the nuts sank.. Disappointing to say the least. He still ate it of course but….

Cath Spencer
Cath Spencer
5 months ago

Tried this but it didn’t work? All of my fruit sank to the bottom 🙁

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