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How To Ship Cookies (For The Holidays And Beyond!)

Yes, you can ship cookies! Take those delicious treats you've made and follow my steps on How To Ship Cookies (For The Holidays And Beyond!).
A box of cookies ready for shipping.

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Travel not in your holiday plans this year, but your loved ones are still expecting your famous homemade cookies? No worries! That’s why the postal service was created — and if that’s not why the postal service was founded then it should have been. 

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about shipping baked goods, and around this time of year, I put a lot of batches of cookies in the hands of the postal service. There are just a few steps and a few tips to ensure your family or friends get a tin of fresh cookies in time for the holidays. Everyone needs my Chocolate Crinkle Cookies!

It’s all about planning! You can’t just slap a stamp on a cookie and hope for the best (although this may get a laugh out of your mail carrier — and technically can be done with things like potatoes) Here is how you ship cookies in the mail!

Oh, and if you’re looking for some holiday cookies to make, check out my Top 10 Classic Christmas Cookies — and my Top 7 Cookies Of 2021!

Best Cookies for Shipping

When it comes to shipping cookies, you want to be sure to send batches that won’t only keep for a longer time but are sturdy enough to handle some tossing around. You don’t want your giftee to bite into a stale cookie or open a box of crumbs. Gingerbread and gingersnaps aren’t only festive; they’re perfect for shipping. Biscottis are a great option, and spritz cookies as well!  

A decorative box filled with homemade holiday cookies ready to ship.

How to Pack Cookies to Ship

You have two main jobs when it comes to packing cookies to ship: keep them safe and keep them fresh! You may also want the packaging to be pretty, but that’s optional when cookies are involved. 

I’d suggest getting a lovely tin or durable box, putting some bubble wrap inside your container, and then covering the bubble wrap with foil, plastic wrap, or parchment paper. Wrap your cookies in foil or parchment paper to protect them too. 

Then place your container in a shippable box. You can write “perishable food” or “fragile” on a few places on the box too — whether or not anyone adheres to it, though… it’s the honor system!

When Should I Ship for the Holidays?

This time of year is always busy at the post office, and I say it’s always better to be early than late! Sooner is always better than later. Not sure why, but cookies like gingerbread always taste better before Christmas than after. I’m sure there’s some sort of science behind it, right?

I suggest, if you’re in the U.S., shipping Priority Mail to get to the destination faster — the cookies will be fresher that way. According to the United States Postal Service, the last recommended date to ship before Christmas is December 18. You can also check that link for international shipping dates! 

Good luck and happy holidays!

Make More Cookies At Home!

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Jessica Stoutamire
Jessica Stoutamire(@jroybal)
1 month ago

I’m just about to decide what cookies to bake and ship for the holidays so seeing this article was perfect timing. Thanks!

1 month ago

I see a pinwheel cookie (chocolate and vanilla) in the pictures..Do u have a recipe for them?

1 month ago

Someone told me they’ve used pringles cans (empty & rinsed out of course ☺️). I’ve never tried it for cookies but it works great to keep sturdier candies corralled.

Connie Phelps
Connie Phelps(@charrube)
1 month ago

I love the reindeer stamped cookies. Can you tell me what kind of cookie they are and the stamp used

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