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Knead To Know #2: Brandi Milloy, Blake Lively, And Cake Pizzas!

On episode two of the Knead to Know baking podcast, we talk to baking personality Brandi Milloy and cover news from Blake Lively and a brand new thing called a "Cake Pizza!"
Mia Brabham and Brandi Milloy around the Knead to Know Podcast Logo

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Welcome back for the second episode of Knead To Know! We started this brand new Bigger Bold Baking podcast so we could hand deliver the latest buzz in baking to you (plus my hot takes on everything happening; you know I have them!) every single Sunday. I’m so excited to share this weekly listening and baking ritual with you! 

This week our host Mia Brabham sits at the counter with my good friend, incredible mom, and AMAZING baker Brandi Milloy — and there may be a special appearance by a little someone! We also talk about which Gossip Girl star is now a master cake decorator, why vanilla is being taken to court and the company that’s selling a 40-LB block of WHAT?! 

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Grab some breakfast, bake as you listen, or pour yourself a cup of coffee or tea because here’s what you Knead to Know!

Gossip Girl and Great British Bake Off Mashup?

You might know her from the TV show Gossip Girl or the movie Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants, but now, she’s a bonafide cake decorator. Actress Blake Lively decorated a beautiful cake and posted it to Instagram saying, “If I don’t get a handshake from @paul.hollywood after decorating this one, I quit.” Not only did the Great British Bake Off and the Great American Baking Show judge comment with his stamp of approval, but other celebrities like Salma Hayek, Sharon Stone, and Rita Wilson sang their praises, as well. The flowers! The frosting! The unicorn theme! What’s not to love?

Vanilla Is Being Taken To Court

In other news, vanilla is going to federal court — and yes – we are completely serious! There are more than 100 proposed class-action cases that have been filed over vanilla flavoring, many of them filed by the same Long Island lawyer within the two years. The lawyer is arguing that food manufacturers are tricking consumers by implying that their products are made with vanilla when they really only have a trace, while the companies are arguing all that matters is that the product tastes like vanilla. What will the verdict be? Stay tuned.

[ Make your own Vanilla Extract here! ]

Top Dessert Spot For Your State

Yelp has recently named its top dessert spots in America, and there’s one for every state — how sweet! Based on total volume and ratings of reviews, Yelp developed this list as a way to recognize and support bakeries and businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. Let us know which ones you’ve been to in the comments!

Kerrygold Is Back With New Spreadable Butter

A dish of butter.

I’m a huge fan of this news: Kerrygold is launching Irish butter with olive oil this month. The brand-spanking-new spreadable butter is made with milk from Irish grass-fed cows and has a subtle hint of olive oil. Their goal in creating this was to make the cooking and baking experience tasty but convenient. Plus, it’s free from artificial flavors, growth hormones, antibiotics, and preservatives!

Someone, please get our host Mia a Kerrygold t-shirt. She’s a big fan, too!

A 40-LB Block Of WHAT?!

A 40 pound block of cheese.

Tillamook is selling a 40-LB block of cheddar cheese for a limited time (EDIT: Sold Out!), and it’s called “The Mother Loaf.” To give you guys an accurate picture here: that’s the weight of a three year old child! That’s a 15 foot canoe! That’s five maltese dogs! Tillamook has been using these blocks for years, but they are just now becoming available to the public. If you want one, snag ‘em now before it’s too late!

Parchment Paper, Parchment Paper, Parchment Paper

We all know non-stick pans aren’t meant to last forever, but pastry chef Duff Goldman let a Twitter fan in on a quick fix for potentially harmful worn-out pans: parchment paper! Remember Bold Bakers, when you line your baking pans with parchment paper, you don’t have to drop loads of money on new bakeware and you can use your beloved bakeware a little longer. And if you want my two cents, too: butter your pans before you line them!

And don’t forget that you can reuse your parchment paper, too. 

Cake Pizzas Are All The Rage

A baking trend called “Cake Pizza” is emerging in the UK! Bakers are using a special triangle cavity silicone mold to bake individual slices of cake that allow for individual servings and customization. This way, every slice can be one-of-a-kind and easily separated from the others! It’s perfect for COVID-times, plus, there’s a little cupcake in the middle of the pie for fun!

Does this make anyone else think of Mrs. Field’s cookie cakes? As Mia said, this is truly a field day.

At The Counter with Host, Baker, And Mom, Brandi Milloy!

Brandi Milloy

This week, our Knead to Know host, entertainment expert, and baking enthusiast, Mia Brabham, sat down for a conversation with the brilliant and beautiful baker, blogger, and podcast host — Brandi Milloy! They chat about how Brandi fell in love with baking, momhood (with a surprise pop-in from a little one), and Brandi’s faith. They also talk about work ethic, and how Brandi worked her way up from a dishwasher at Wendy’s to a food host and reporter for POPSUGAR, Food Network, and The Today Show.

My personal favorite parts are when Mia and Brandi talk about eating delicacies like tarantula and grasshoppers for her POPSUGAR series, and when Brandi tells us about her labor-inducing salad experience! Also, for those of you who love potatoes as much as me, Mia, and Brandi — Happy Potato Lover’s Month! 

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Susan Dubose
3 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I love your recipe!

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