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Keto Nut Butters: When, Where, And Why You Should Substitute

Homemade Keto nut butters are healthier, tastier, and better than what you can get in the stores — so here's why and when you should be using them!
Three of the best homemade keto nut butters1

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Hi Bold Bakers!

It’s time for us to have a little chat about nut butters. From coconut butters in fun flavors like caramel and berry, to all kinds of flavored nut butters, nut butters and their alternatives are all the rage right now.

While I’m not usually one to buy too much into trends of any kind, I think alternative nut butters (especially the healthy, keto ones) are here to stay. Classic peanut butter might taste great (thanks, sugar!), but seeing as so many people have peanut allergies, and peanuts aren’t all that great for you to eat on the daily basis anyway, I have 3 alternative nut butters that are about to become your best friends. My homemade Ultimate Keto Coconut Butter, Pecan Butter that Tastes Like Pie, and a Perfect Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter are here to join your kitchen pantry!

From baking and “no-baking,” to snacking and spreading, these butter alternatives taste better than anything you can buy at the store, are 100% sugar-free, and oh yeah: they are all loaded with healthy fat.

Do I need to say more? Well, yes, kind of! Let’s talk alternative butters.

Is Coconut Butter Actually A Nut Butter?

I know this might seem like a silly question, but I do want to address it, as I’ve thrown coconut into the nut butter alternative category. Coconut butter is 100% nut free and has zero butter or coconut oil.

Different than anything else out there, coconut butter is vegan, nut and seed-free, yet still low in carbs and loaded with healthy fat. If you like the flavor of coconut and the aroma of coconut milk, you will love this creamy butter. I love to add this to smoothies, and Bulletproof coffee, as the flavor is neutral when blended.

That said this can be used just like a nut butter: spread on a fruit or whatever you fancy.

How To Bake With An Alternative Butter

If you’ve experimented with alternative baking, you might be using a lot of nut butter. Usually, healthier baked goods call for almond or peanut butter in place of oil or egg.

For instance, My Perfect Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter is great added to baked goods in place of traditional nut butters. Just note that it will add a chocolate malty flavor. If you’re looking for a more neutral flavored butter, though, you can exclude the cocoa powder form this recipe making it a super rich macadamia nut butter you can definitely bake with. If used on its own, I like to think of my Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter as new-school Nutella.

My coconut butter and my pecan butter might lend themselves less to baking, but all 3 of these butters are great for “no-baking.” This means any time you see a nut butter in a homemade protein bar, fudge, bliss ball, or fat bomb recipe, you can use any one of these recipes.

Why Are Nut Butters Good For A Keto Diet?

For anyone that doesn’t know, a ketogenic diet is one based on high healthy fat, protein, and vegetable intake, while staying low in carbs and sugar. Nuts and coconut are most often staples in ketogenic diets as they provide super high doses of the right kinds of fats and amino acids your body needs to feel energetic, and the stuff your brain needs for optimum function.

My coconut and nut butters are also made with a naturally derived sugar alternative called Lakanto Maple Syrup. This keeps the butter sweet without adding ANY sugar, and THIS is what makes my butters really different from any alternative butters you can buy. All 3 of these nut butter alternatives are made with less than 5 ingredients, no added oils, sugars, or preservatives yet they taste amazing and last up to 3 months un refrigerated.

If you’re interested in nut butter alternatives that your family will go crazy for and you can feel good about eating, you’re going to love these!

Ultimate Keto Coconut Butter

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Coconut Butter can be used in so many different ways, is so easy to make, and it’s a great addition to your diet. Plus, it’s just really tasty!

Get the recipe for my Ultimate Keto Coconut Butter!

Perfect Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter

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Step aside, Nutella, the Perfect Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter is here — with a healthy mix of cashews, macadamia nuts, and cocoa powder — to take the throne.

Get the recipe for my Perfect Chocolate Macadamia Nut Butter!

Pecan Butter That Taste Like Pie

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Super easy to make, loaded with healthy fats, low in sugar, and high in PIE flavor, this pecan butter is such a great alternative to the same old peanut or almond butter.

Get the recipe for my Pecan Butter That Tastes Like Pie!

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Grace Schoenberg
Grace Schoenberg
3 years ago

can u make keto peanut butter??

Danny russell
Danny russell
5 years ago

How much sodium is in them i got to watch my sodium

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