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How to Remove Egg Shells from Eggs

Learn How to Remove Egg Shells from Eggs with Bold Baking Basics tips. You won't believe how easy it is when you follow my easy, chef-tested tips.
How to remove egg shells from eggs - thee BEST baking tips you need to see!

Hi Bold Bakers!

Over the span of my career as a professional chef I have cracked my fair share of eggs. The number is in the tens of thousands. Not only did I work as a breakfast chef in Ireland but once I moved to San Francisco I started a catering business that specialized in none other than breakfast!

When I started the business, I only had one small client. I could go to the local store and buy my ingredients and walk home. As I took on more clients I started buying in bulk. Just before I closed my business I was going to the farmers market twice a week with a wheelie cart and buying hundreds of eggs each time. So yeah, I have cracked some eggs.

Some notes about eggs, I recommend buying free range eggs. Happy chickens that are allowed to run around and be outside will produce a good egg. Also the food that chickens are fed makes a big difference to their color and their flavor. The better the diet of the chicken the better tasting the egg. So happy chickens make happy eggs.

You don’t need to buy the $7 box of organic eggs in the supermarket but I recommend if you are able to don’t buy the cheapest pack of eggs. If you see 18 eggs for $3, something ain’t right. Super cheap eggs generally come from farms where chickens might not be free range or they could be fed cheaper food affecting the egg’s flavor.

How to Remove Egg Shells from Eggs

This is one of my favorite tricks.

All you need to remove little bits of egg shell from your cracked egg is…your EGG SHELL! 

Thats right, instead of sticking your finger into the eggs and getting messy you can use the half empty shell to scoop the rogue eggshell. 

Like some sort of invisible force the shells are drawn to each other. The shell attracts the small fragments from the eggshell saving you time and of course throwing away your good egg. 

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4 years ago

Best thing that had ever happened to me great idea.
I am your number 1 fan

4 years ago

Love it!
Also love website.

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