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Easy Way to Decorate a Cake

If you're nervous to decorate your cakes, don't be! Here is a super simple, Easy Way to Decorate a Cake!
Easy Ways to Decorate A cake with SPRINKLES!!!

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Follow my Easy Ways to Decorate a Cake and you need never again skip baking a cake, and go straight for cookies or pies, just to avoid difficult frosting and decorating.  You are not alone, I promise, lots of bakers are intimidated by frosting, and decorating. I’ve had so many requests lately for alternative and Easy Ways to Decorate a Cake,  and I know these tips will help!

I have already shared some really fun alternative Ways to Decorate a Cake, like using just a simple spoon and fork in my 4 Easy Ways to Decorate a Cake post. I have also shared How to use Piping Nozzles, where I show you how to utilize the most common piping nozzles found in most kits.

Here is yet another great method for decorating cakes with simple things you probably already have around your kitchen. All you’re going to need is sprinkles and any kind of cookie-cutter or stencil.

Easy Way to Decorate A Cake

  • Start with your base cake:  If you are a vanilla fan, then I strongly recommend my Vanilla Birthdays Cake recipe. If chocolate is more of your flavor, then you have got to go with my Best-Ever Chocolate Cake recipe. Both of these cakes have never failed me. You will use these recipes for years to come, I promise.  
  • Let’s talk frosting! Frost your cake with my master recipe for Buttercream Frosting. Don’t worry if you find Buttercream Frosting hard to make right now. Follow my recipe and that will be a thing of the past. 
  • Next up is your crumb layer or a crumb coat. It a very simple technique, so make sure you check that before starting, it will honestly help transform your cake decorating skills. Once your crumb layer is set, give your cake a second layer of buttercream frosting.
  • Now that you have the base of your frosted cake, let us focus on decorating your cake. Place any decorative cookie cutter gently on top of the frosted cake. Fill the cookie cutter with enough sprinkles to cover the frosting on the cake, gently pressing them in to prevent them from shifting when the cookie-cutter is removed.

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I love to do this in a decorative pattern across the top of the cake for Birthdays or any special occasion. This is such a fun, creative, and not to mention an easy way to decorate a cake with what you have around the house. 

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4 years ago

Crumb coat link doesn’t work and it doesn’t work when I put it in your search bar.

4 years ago

The link to the crumb coat is broken – in email and on this page.

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