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How to Get Sticky Ingredients Off Your Measuring Spoons

Learn How to Get Sticky Ingredients Off Your Measuring Spoons. Waste ingredients no more and get great results with my chef-tested tips.
How to get sticky ingredients off your measuring spoons - thee BEST baking tips you need to know

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Hi Bold Bakers!

I have been a pastry chef for many years and I have learned a thing or two along the way. One thing is when baking it’s imperative that you use exact measurements! Baking is a science so every gram, ounce and tablespoon counts when you want to bake successfully. This means it’s really important to get every last drop when using honey, maple syrup and golden syrup. But these sticky ingredients often get stuck to our measuring spoons and can be a pain to measure.

You know the situation: you’re in the middle of baking and measuring sticky ingredients and it takes a whole lot of patience to get the thick stuff out of the jar into the measuring cup and then again into the bowl. Each time, a messy situation unfolds and you’re never quite sure whether you got everything you needed out of the cup.

I used to always dip my measuring spoons into a glass of hot water and let the heat slide the ingredients off the spoons and cups. Now this does work well but I then have to boil the kettle, wait and then dip. It does the job well but why strive for well when we could use a different technique that is just as fast and probably easier than the water trick.

So what if there was a better way?

How to Get Sticky Ingredients Off Your Measuring Spoons

Here’s a great tip for measuring out sticky ingredients without making a complete mess:

A great way to make sure you get every last drop, lightly coat your measuring cups, spoons and jugs with a flavorless oil then fill. From there you’ll see these sticky ingredients easily slide right out!

Since everything slides out of the cup, the accurate amount ends up in your recipe. No mess, no waste of ingredients, and you don’t have to waste time scraping everything out of the cup. Brilliant!

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1 year ago

Looking for a great pastry recipe. My husband loves pie but can’t make a good pastry.

5 years ago

Is there a recipe for making meringue powder?
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