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How to Line a Round Pan

Learn How to Line a Round Pan with my Bold Baking Basics tips. You won't waste expensive parchment paper if you follow my easy, chef-tested tips.
How to line a round pan - The simplest fuss free way to get the perfect circle

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Lining baking pan is something I am no stranger to. I have worked as a pastry chef for over 10 years so as you can imagine I have lined my fair share of trays.

When lining round tins it can be tricky because the parchment paper comes off a roll in sheets, not rounds. So what to do?

One option to get the parchment to fit your tin is draw a circle around the circumference of your tin. Now this is accurate however you do end up wasting quite a bit of paper, and let’s face it, parchment paper isn’t cheap.

So, we don’t like waste and we like easy technique to make our lives easier. Below in my short video I have a few easy steps showing you how to create the perfect circle of parchment leaving you with very little paper left over.

How to Line a Round Pan:

  1. Tear off a sheet of parchment. Tear or cut off a sheet of parchment just slightly bigger than the cake pan.
  2. Fold the parchment in half. Fold the parchment in half from the bottom to the top.
  3. Fold the parchment in half again. This time, fold the parchment in half from right to left so that it now more closely resembles a square.
  4. Fold a triangle. Fold the square into a triangle by folding up from left to right.
  5. Fold the triangle in half again. Fold up again from left to right to make an even smaller triangle.
  6. Hold the triangle against the pan. Find the corner of the triangle where the center of the paper will be once it’s unfolded. This is your center point. Place this corner in the middle of the cake pan and hold the parchment right where it hits the edge of the pan.
  7. Cut the parchment. Using where you are holding the parchment as a guide, trim the triangle about 1/4-inch in from the edge of the pan.
  8. Unfold the parchment and you have a perfect round for your cake pan! How to line a round pan, How to line a baking pan, How to line a baking tin, How to line a round pan with parchment, lining a tray with parchment paper, lining a baking tray, lining a tin for baking, How to line a round pan for baking, How to line a tray with parchment paper, lining a tray with parchment paper

Did you like this baking tip? I have lots more short videos just like this one that will help you get baking confidently in the kitchen. Get more Bold Baking Basics.

Watch The Recipe Video!

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6 years ago

Hi Gemma,

Thanks for the tip. I am a new baker and always confused on lining the tins. Is it necessary to line a tin or will greasing and dusting be sufficient? Any difference in lining non-stick and aluminium tins?
In this video, you just lined the bottom, what about sides? Also what about different shaped tins like heart or star or bundt pans?
Sorry for so many questions but this is one basic, I didn’t seem to get right.

Georgia Clifford
Georgia Clifford
2 years ago

Why do I keep cutting a semi circle????

Jude Boudreaux
4 years ago

Big thanks for this tip! Saved me so much time and trouble tonight making two 8″ rounds!

6 years ago

Is it required to grease the baking paper or just lining it is enough? How long should you allow the cake to cool before taking it off from the pan lined with baking paper or greased pan?

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About Us

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