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How you tell an egg is fresh?? the important signs to look for

How You Tell an Egg is Fresh

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Growing up in Ireland we were lucky enough to have great produce on our doorstep. All the rain provides us with lush green grass. Farm animals then graze off it making for happy healthy animals. Happy and healthy animals means they produce great milk, cheese and meat.

In Ireland the eggs are kept out of the fridge and don’t have a very long shelf life. Our fresh produce means fresh. What the animals are fed on will determine the taste of the egg and the color of the yolk. Eggs are something that people are nervous about eating when older but if you look for the telltale signs I give then you won’t have to question their freshness anymore.

How You Tell an Egg is Fresh:

We all know the best baking results come from using good quality and fresh ingredients.  Eggs are used in so many baked goods and are a very important part of the texture of whatever you’re baking. The freshness of eggs should not be overlooked.

So, how can you tell if your eggs are fresh? The trick is to crack it open and pay attention to the egg white. If when cracked open the white stays nice and round connected to the yolk it’s a super fresh egg. The more of the white that spreads out away from the yolk the older the egg. If the white is very thin and runny, spreading out far away from the yolk then the egg is not super fresh.

Now, let’s talk yolk! If the yolk is firm and round this is a good sign of a fresh egg. If once the egg is cracked the yolk breaks then this is a sign of an older egg.

So basically the two things to look out for is a runny, watery egg white and an egg yolk that breaks easily when cracked open.

It is probably still fine to fry up or use in savory applications but for baking I would recommend using really fresh eggs!

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    This was extremely helpful!!! Thank you so much for explaining it so well!!!

    • Gemma Stafford on January 19, 2019 at 7:43 pm

      It’s my pleasure!

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