5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018

After a Big and Bold year, I hope you enjoy the 5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018 chosen by the Bigger Bolder Baking team!

Hi Bold Bakers!

It’s been an incredible year here at Bigger Bolder Baking, and the upcoming New Year switchover is the best time to stop and reflect on the journey that brought us here. We’ve had loads of fun, loads of sweets (and a savory treat here and there), and we’ve watched the Bigger Bolder Baking community grow in exciting ways. There are now more of you Bold Bakers than ever, and that sense of family has become even stronger. In 2019, I (and the amazing team here) will have so many amazing things in store for you, including some thrilling announcements, and of course, new Big and Bold recipes!

In the meantime, I thought it’d be lovely to have the Bigger Bolder Baking team all sit down and discuss what were their favorite recipes of the year and why — creating the official list of the 5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018! Watch the video (above) and get the recipes (below)!

10 Minute Berry Tiramisu

5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018

It doesn’t get much more gorgeous than my 10 Minute Berry Tiramisu! Shot over the summer, this recipe actually came about years beforehand when I was baking for priests in Dublin. It’s fast, easy, and really impressive. Plus, it tastes absolutely wonderful — and it’s also my own personal favorite recipe of 2018!

Get my 10 Minute Berry Tiramisu Recipe!

Easy Lemon Bars

5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018, lemon bars,

Beautiful yellow, soft & chewy, and that light and fresh tart flavor that makes a Lemon Bar truly incredible. Olivia’s favorite recipe of the year makes so much sense — just look at them! They’re a breeze to make, and it’s about time you head into the kitchen and give them a go, Bold Bakers!

Get my Easy Lemon Bars Recipe!

Best Ever Blondies

5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018, blondies, blondies recipe

They have the texture of a brownie, but are somehow elevated by delicious white chocolate and brown sugar. What’s not to love? My Best Ever Blondies recipe was our cameraman and editor Ira’s choice for one of our Best Baking Recipes of 2018. He’s made them multiple times, so he knows what he’s talking about!

Get my Best Ever Blondies recipe!

3 Ingredient Flatbread

5 Best Baking Recipes of 2018, flatbread, 3 ingredient flatbread

So few ingredients, and yet this recipe yields incredible results in very little time. Brian, our Content and Community Manager, chose my 3 Ingredient Flatbread recipe because of how truly versatile it is. Not only can you whip theses up like on a conveyor belt, but the first thing he did when they were done was to turn them into mini pizzas for his kids! On top of this, you can freeze them for whenever you like, and they go with almost any meal.

Get my 3 Ingredient Flatbread recipe and give it a go!

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

5 Best Baking Recipes or 2018, best ever chocolate chip cookies

What would a Best Baking Recipes of 2018 list be without my Best Ever version of a classic staple? My Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies are everything you ever remember about chocolate chip cookies growing up, and everything you dream of when you think of the chocolate chip cookies you’ll eat in the future. Kevin, my husband and Bigger Bolder Baking‘s producer, couldn’t resist choosing my Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies — and I’ll teach you the secret reason why these cookies truly are the Best Ever.

Get my Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe!

Amazing Honorable Mentions

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8 months ago

Desperately need your scone recipe. I can’t find it anywhere? I need measurements Gemma! Do you have another book where your scones are shown with Recipe measurements?

11 months ago

Hi Gemma, I love your recipes and am a fellow baker. I’ve made many recipes that my family, friends and boyfriend have enjoyed. Would love to get any tips you have.

1 year ago

Do your have any easy pasta recipes. and have you ever tried to make pasta with sesame flour???
Thanks Joanne

1 year ago

Omg why did it take me this long to discover you and all your sweetness. I am obsessed with your recipes and your videos!!! Your knowledge is amazing!!! I can’t wait to get baking all your amazing recipes. I simply have been watching your videos for about 3 hrs straight!!! Thank you for all your baking wisdom!!! I adore you!!!????

1 year ago

Hi Gemma
I’m not a baker but since watching your videos an using your recipes I love it. Just wondering if you have a recipe for hermit cookies.

1 year ago

Hi Gemma
I just had to tell you I love your Recipes and your videos.I am 67 years old and I have tried and tried to make pie crust well guess what now I can with your Recipe thank you it is delicious

1 year ago

I want some of those blondies right now.

1 year ago

Hi Gemma, I am new to your web site and just made your butter, it is wonderful, what recipes do you have to use the butter milk?

1 year ago

Would love the recipe for your Tiramisu Cheese cake looks absolutely Devine and no baking!

1 year ago

Those lemon bars look amazing.

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