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Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for Any Bold Baker

Find out my Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for any Bold Baker — tools that any baker would find useful inside their kitchen on their baking journey!

Hi Bold Bakers!

What’s on your list to Santa this holiday? For you or the Bold Baker in your life, make sure you check out my must-have kitchen gift list.

5. Cuisinart Hand Blender


4. Measuring Spoons


3. Oxo Food Scale


2. Kitchen Scissors






1. Crock Pot


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22 thoughts on “Top 5 Kitchen Essentials for Any Bold Baker

    1. Hi Rachna,
      this a tricky question for me as it is so dependant on where you live, the space you have available for it, the type of fuel you have available and the need you have for it. This means the number of people you are cooking for also, and of course the amount of money you can afford to pay. ( this is a guide about floor standing full-sized ovens. In general, the better the brand the higher the price, and as I do not know which brands you have there, or indeed the models they offer, I find it difficult to guide you. Your local supplier should be able to guide you on quality, and there are online fora too which can help when you have narrowed down your choice.
      OTG stands for Oven-Toaster-.Grill. This oven usually stands on a counter/tabletop. It has heating elements both on the ceiling and the floor of the oven. You can choose to engage either or both elements to heat your oven. For grilling, you need to heat the top element and for normal baking, you need both elements to be heated. An OTG can reheat, keep warm, grill/broil and bake food items. This type of oven comes in different sizes, which will dictate what can be cooked in it. Different models have different levels of sophistication too, some with convection fans and thermostatic controls, and the ability to switch between convection and conventional baking, just like its larger cousins. The average capacity of a single, full-size oven is 64 liters, the average capacity for a double oven is 62 liters for the main oven and 35 liters for the smaller one.
      OTG comes in varying capacities,10/20/35/45/60 liters. some OTGs come with rotisseries. This function is ideal for cooking and roasting meat. It can either be motorized or manual.
      Choosing an OTG. The larger the OTG the more flexible it will be to use and the more likely it is that it will have all the multi-function ability of a regular oven. See this model ( which is from Cuisinart as an example. Choose a model for which you have space and which will suit your family size and need.
      I hope this will help you in your search and that you find an oven to suit your family and your pocket,
      Gemma 🙂

    1. Hi,

      KitchenAid is my favorite. When I was buying mine I got it off the kitchenmaid website but it was refurbished because it’s all I could afford at the time.

      I strongly recommend that or buying it at Costco or Tjmaxx. Costco you get the 2% back on your card :).

    1. Hi India,
      I get these in many places. I always have an eye out for these, and i find them in all sorts of places. Markets can be a good source, charity stores/goodwill stores are brilliant, as they will have single cups/mugs, and a low price too. I get some as gifts, and I have taken some from home!! SHHH! don’t tell 🙁
      Really though your family may have some hiding in cupboards, and department store sales usually provide some too. What you are looking for is a ceramic one, not bone china, or heavy pottery, and no silver or gold decorations. I hope this helps, i am also working at a design of my own!
      Gemma 🙂

  1. Gemma, your such a beautiful gem. You bring a smile to my face and joy to my heart when I watch your videos. I just found you recently and have already attempted to make your no machine ice cream and frozen yogurt. I am thankful that you decided to make these video’s because you clearly have a talent for it. Thanks for keeping the world inspired to do their best cooking. And thank you for making one of the worlds potentially daunting chores a treasure. My the blessings you bestow upon us be returned to you ten fold. Good day! Dia dhuit

  2. thank you for your awesome videos. And thank you for sharing the kitchen tools you use. I just ordered the Hand Blender. Saw you use it the other day.

  3. hi Gemma i’d love to have that hand blender..i love to do stuffs like you..i love watching your kids and i are planning to do the ice cream next..merry christmas and i’m looking forward for more of your videos to come..

  4. Hi Gemma! That measuring spoons of yours are so awesome! I super like it! I love your videos and I’m trying to make one this coming Christmas. Merry Christmas to you! 🙂

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