The Best Baking Recipes Of 2021

If you're wondering what The Best Baking Recipes Of 2021 are, I have the definitive list for you right here!
Best Baking Recipes of 2021 with brownies, cinnamon rolls, and red velvet

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Another year has come and gone, and we here at Bigger Bolder Baking put out a ton of new recipes, updated lots of older recipes, and answered every single comment and question that came across the website! Legally we have to say we loved every single recipe we put out this year (wink!), but everyone on the team — and YOU — had their favorites. So, without taking up more of your time, here are your Best Baking Recipes of 2021!

Sarah | Long Beach, CA | Team BBB | Alsatian Bredele Cookies

Sugar dusted Bredele cookies in the shape of stars.

In some ways, these Alsatian Bredele Cookies are even easier than sugar cookies and still hold their shape for whatever cookie cutters you might have! Sarah chose this festive recipe to share with her family this year. Get the recipe.

Brian | Santa Clarita, CA | Team BBB | Cinnabon Cinnamon Rolls

A tray of finished Cinnabon cinnamon rolls.

Before this recipe, Brian has never made cinnamon rolls from scratch — and he found out that the hardest part about it is just the waiting while proofing! Something about these big, gooey, cinnamon rolls really called to him, and I think it’s because he didn’t have to go to an airport Cinnabon to get them. Get the recipe.

Brittany | Los Angeles, CA | Team BBB | Soft Sugar Cookies

Soft Sugar Cookies recipe decorated with icing for the holidays.

My Best-Ever Sugar Cookies are crisp and delightful, but sometimes you want something a little bit softer — and that’s why Brittany chose these cookies as her favorite for 2021. Make them here.

Daniel | Calgary, Canada | Best-Ever Red Velvet Cake

If you’ve never heard of ermine frosting, I wouldn’t blame you. It’s actually the way people used to make red velvet cake way back in the day — and it’s not as sweet or tangy as your more contemporary cream cheese frosting. Daniel chose this recipe as his favorite dessert of 2021! Get the recipe.

Elizabeth | East Aurora, NY | Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing like a classic, Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookie. This recipe was updated this year and Elizabeth took notice, as it was her choice for the best dessert recipe of 2021! Get the recipe.

Daniel | Texas | Passionfruit Crème Brûlée

We launched the Bold Baking Academy just in November and it’s already had an impact on the students’ lives! Daniel, one of the founding members of the Academy, has chosen the Passionfruit Crème Brûlée as his favorite dessert this year! To get this recipe, all the recipes we’ve taught so far in the Academy, and all of the recipes going forward, make sure you subscribe to the Bold Baking Academy today! You’ll get access to the community of fellow bakers — and The Bold Baking Concierge™, a live-chat helpline for ALL of your baking questions… even outside of the classroom.

Aaron | Wexford, Ireland | Vanilla Birthday Cake (Modified)

Vanilla Birthday Cake Recipe with Buttercream Frosting (Master Recipe): An incredible cake recipe that you will use for years to come.

Another recipe updated for 2021, Aaron from Wexford, Ireland (my hometown!) chose this classic-yet-incredible Vanilla Birthday Cake recipe. He modified it, too, to include Bailey’s and different decorations. Get the original recipe here.

Amna | United Arab Emirates | Gemma’s Chewy Brownies

Chewy brownies on a cooling rack.

This recipe took both Youtube AND TikTok by storm this year. Have you ever wondered how to make CHEWY brownies? I’ll show you, as I showed Amna, who chose this recipe as her favorite of 2021. Get the recipe!

Maegan | Chicago | Team BBB | Hot Chocolate Truffles

Hot Chocolate Truffles - Wow your family this Christmas with these delicious Hot Chocolate Truffles!!

Yes, you can eat these truffles straight away — but they’re also designed to be dropped into a hot mug of milk, where they’ll melt into the most delicious cup of hot chocolate you’ve ever had. Good choice, Maegan! Get the recipe HERE!

Rachel | Hawaii | Team BBB | Cardamom Buns

Swedish Cardamom Buns resting on a baking sheet.

This recipe is a showstopper, and might not be one that you’ve ever had before. These Cardamom Buns are sweet, spiced, and everything Rachel loves — it’s no wonder she chose these as her favorite recipe of 2021!

Kevin | Los Angeles | Team BBB | Homemade Goldfish

Gemma Stafford and her son George make homemade Goldfish Crackers

My husband, Kevin’s, pick was a no brainer. Not only was he a fan of Goldfish Crackers as a young boy but he cherished watching our son George make Homemade Goldfish Crackers with me. It’s a simple, 4-Ingredient recipe that will bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Gemma | Los Angeles | Team BBB | Homemade Animal Crackers

My choice was similar to Kevin’s and it was all about our son, George. I always dreamed of baking with my own child someday and I was thrilled to make Homemade Animal Crackers with George for our first episode of Bigger Bolder Baking together. Don’t miss the recipe and video, too!

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone for their involvement with Bigger Bolder Baking this year. Not only did my team help me bring some lovely recipes to the globe, but you, the Bold Bakers, continued to love and support our mission here. Every day you prove my motto — you can have the confidence to bake anytime, anywhere.

Thanks a million! See you in 2022!


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priya sarkar
priya sarkar
2 years ago

Thank you, Gemma and team…thank you for being up here every single day with old and new recipes; thank you for being there even through the holidays when others took a deserved break; thank you for answering every single question and comment (phew!!!); thank you for being so globally aware and inclusive; thank you for simple, precise and so many BEST recipes; thank you for spreading so much deliciousness through the year!

Look forward to cooking on with you in 2022:) Have a brilliant one!!

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