Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Strata

Salty bacon, melty cheese, and a whole lot of fresh herbs and egg custard, my Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Strata recipe will give you the breakfast you deserve.

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I know I’ve shown you time and time again how to be a bold baker, but this gem of a recipe is here to show you how to be bold at breakfast! My Bacon and Cheese Breakfast Strata takes the most important meal of the day to an entirely new level. This breakfast is really just a savory bread pudding piled high with gooey tangy cheddar, crispy bacon, and topped off with fresh herbs. Held together by a rich eggy custard, it takes all the best parts of breakfast — the egg, bacon, and toast — and transforms into a super impressive slice-able dish!

What is a Strata?

Similar in flavor to a quiche, a strata is a savory bread pudding. Just like bread pudding, my breakfast strata starts with good bread and egg custard. I like to use slightly stale crusty bread as this really helps to absorb the custard creating a lovely soft spongy texture to the strata after baking.

The egg custard mixture is where everything gets exciting, because not only do I add the traditional cream, but I add lots of cheese, cooked bacon, and green onion. After soaking and baking the result is a gorgeous savory looking pie, perfect for slicing and feeding a big crowd. Whomever you share this with will surely be coming back for seconds and thirds!

Bacon and Cheese Strata, finished with bacon.

Can a Strata be Made Ahead?

Since the custard needs time to soak into the bread and marry all the other flavors, this is a great option for a make-ahead breakfast. You can assemble the strata a night in advance and allow it to soak and set up in the fridge. Instead of worrying about fussy scrambled eggs or omelets I highly suggest you give this a try for your next special brunch occasion!

What Can I Add to My Strata?

Just like any other bread pudding, this savory strata is a blank canvas for all of your favorite breakfast flavors. I like to experiment with other leftovers I have in my fridge and encourage you to do the same! From fresh spinach and cooked sausage to diced tomatoes and bell peppers, it’s endless when it comes to adding to this recipe!

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