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How to Cream Butter and Sugar

If you're going to learn to bake, you'll need all the building blocks to get there — and learning to properly cream butter and sugar is one of them!
How to cream Butter and Sugar- An important baking technique that is the base for a lot of recipe. See how to do it correctly and get great results with your baking

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Creaming is the very first method I learned as a young baker because we use it to make medira cake or fairy buns in Ireland. It’s important to know how to cream butter and sugar because it is the base of a lot of your baking like cookies, frosting, and cakes. As kids, we would make buns (which are cupcakes).  

Lots of classic cake recipes begin with creaming butter and sugar together until pale and fluffy before then adding the eggs and flour. You can do this using a stand mixer or electric hand beater. Alternatively, you can use a wooden spoon but it will take longer.

I did it by hand as a kid because my mum used to tell me that chefs in kitchens didn’t use machines, they did it by hand. With all of my 8 years being on the earth I wanted to make sure I was doing it just like the chefs in professional kitchens. No cheating in my kitchen, well that’s what I thought it was then anyway. Now I ‘cheat’ every day and am ok with it. Also, she lied!

This creaming method is the first step in many recipes like my Victoria sponge Cake and many other cakes and cupcakes. Mastering this method is important because doing it is the building block for your baked goods.

To Successfully Cream Butter and Sugar:

When creaming butter and sugar the most important first step is to use room temperature butter. Whip the butter by itself first on medium speed until you reach a light and softened mix. This is imperative step before you can add your sugar.

Once you add the sugar go ahead and increase the speed to create a light and fluffy mixture. Stop whisking occasionally to scrape the mixture down from the sides of the bowl back into the middle, then continue whisking.

When the mixture is pale and airy it’s ready to your next steps e.g./ adding eggs for Victoria sponge. 

How to Cream Butter and Sugar using a stand mixer. An important baking technique that is the base for a lot of recipe. See how to do it correctly and get great results with your baking.

Do you know how many things you can make homemade like Condensed MilkDIY All Natural Food Coloring, and  Rolled Fondant to name a few. My full list of all my Bold Baking Basics is here.

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Luvash 222
Luvash 222(@luvash222)
2 years ago

Hi Gemma

I just love your video on the 1 crazy cupcake but many varieties. It’s so simple. I’m definitely going to give it a try and post my results. Quick question please. Can I also use baking margarine instead of butter or does the butter actually give the cupcakes a better taste and lighter feel. Thank you for posting all your wonderful recipes.

1 year ago

Hi Gemma, thanks for this article. My paddle attachment doesn’t reach the bottom of my bowl and as a result, it takes forever to mix even a small amount of batter. Can I mix my batter with my whisk attachment instead?

1 year ago

I don’t regret getting your page on YouTube ,u just so wonderful,I love your work 😉😉

1 year ago

Hello Gemma,

I have a question can I add cocoa powder to make the cream chocolate flavored?
And can you mix this by hand without any electric mixer?

1 year ago

Hi Gemma how would you make Chantilly cream could you please give the the recipe and measurements please. I’m loving your book and website it’s made cooking for me so enjoyable it’s become my new passion thank you.

1 year ago

Hi Gemma, I have fresh dairy milk with the cream on top. Can I use that for my butter?

Ade Banire(@ade-banire)
2 years ago

Do you use the Whisk or beater/paddle when mixing the butter, butter & sugar?

Ninda kartikadewi
Ninda kartikadewi
2 years ago

Hi Gemma, first of all, thank you for sharing this topic with us! I have a question, does the sugar get dissolved completely during the creaming process? I used regular granulated sugar before and after creaming it with butter, the mixture is still granulated. Is that normal?
Thank you 😀

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