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How to Make Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream Cones

Crunchy chocolate shell, creamy ice cream center — my Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream recipe has all the things you love about the classics!
Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream Cones

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Hi Bold Bakers!

If you didn’t know yet, I’m a proud ambassador for GoodCook, and I use their tools in almost ALL of my recipes, so on their behalf, I’m thrilled to bring you a recipe for something you’ve known and loved your whole life. That’s right, the flavor combination of a classic Drumstick Ice Cream Cone.

It’s all about that sweet and salty balance between the caramel center, vanilla ice cream, chocolate coating, and crunchy peanuts! Well, now using my GoodCook Frozen Treat Pop set, you can make your own Drumsticks! So grab the kids and neighbors, and I’ll show you How to Make Homemade Drumstick Ice Cream!

This is my kind of summertime activity!

How to Create the Perfect Chocolate Dipped Cone

If you’ve never worked with a mold before you might think it’s a bit tricky, but the truth is the mold does the work for you — along with my simple recipe. The outer chocolate layer of these Drumsticks is made of a mixture of chocolate and coconut oil. The coconut oil really helps the chocolate to harden AND it makes the chocolate much easier to work with.

Just fill the GoodCook Frozen Treat Pop mold with a bit of the chocolate and swirl it around to create the chocolate exterior. This sets up in the freezer in no time thanks to the coconut oil.

What is the Best Way to Get the Drumsticks Out of the Mold?

After creating the outer layer of chocolate all you have to do is fill your mold with my caramel ice cream and finish them off with their little cones. The first trick to getting the finished Drumsticks to come out correctly is to let the Frozen Treat Pops sit in the freezer overnight. The next day, when ready to decorate and serve, the trick is to remove the top of the mold in a “peeling” motion. You’ll also want to do so while slightly pulling the silicon mold out and away from the Drumstick as opposed to up, as this can put pressure on the chocolate and break it.

A drumstick ice cream cone being offered.

Can You Make This In Other Flavors?

Drumsticks are what originally inspired me to use my GoodCook Frozen Treat Pops mold, but the truth is you can play with any combination of fillings, toppings, and flavors you like! Off the top of my head, I also love the idea of strawberries and cream ice cream coated in white chocolate, or maybe Nutella ice cream coated with dark chocolate a topped with hazelnuts! YUM! Fruit popsicles and frozen yogurt pops can also be made in this mold.

How Do You Store Homemade Drumsticks?

To store the Drumsticks leave them upright in the plastic holder as not to damage them. Cover them loosely with cling wrap and keep them in the freezer. These will last for up to 4 weeks.

Tips and Tricks to Making Homemade Drumsticks:

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Watch The Recipe Video!

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3 years ago

you really should put the recipie on the screen as you make it 1/2 cup ? things like that i am not mad its just a lil tip

Kavin Durairaj
4 years ago

Thank you for sharing this wonderful recipe. I am going to try these flavor for sure.

2 years ago

Please write the links where we can read thes recipe. Thank you in advance

Last edited 2 years ago by Lusine
3 years ago

Hey Gemma,
I am a fan of your baking and just recently made your Butterscotch Pears and Pecan Dumpling which everyone loved. I was wondering what brand of ice cream churner you use for ice cream that you would suggest.
Thank you for your wonderful recipes,

Suherman Himan
Suherman Himan
3 years ago

Sangat inspiratif bingiitt….jadi pengin dagang es cream. Terima kasih sebelumnya atas semua info dan tayangannya yg menggugah hati ini.

Hermione LilyPellson
Hermione LilyPellson
3 years ago

Hi Genna,
This is a wonderful recipe. I am following you to making different things, and turns out to be great! Thanks again for the support!

3 years ago

I am following your blog for couple of moths
I tried this drumstick ice cream in home
It came really very well, my kid enjoyed very much while eating
Than you

Claudia Hamilton
Claudia Hamilton
4 years ago

I hope you can help me, my Granddaughter is Vegan and I bake cake for all occasions. I was wondering if you know of a Vegan Whipping Cream recipe I could use to decorate a Vegan Cake?

4 years ago

Help! When I add fruit puree to ice cream it sets really hard.. also when I added cream cheese to ice cream to make cheese cake flavour I couldn’t scoop it, what am I doing wrong Gemma?

4 years ago

So I realize the video is to showcase the mold, but I would like to also have a real cone, Do you think if you also filled a cone and place it over the mold that the will meld together so you wouldnt need to add something to hold the two together, or is the diameter of the mold only appropriate to use as demonstrated

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