7 Easy Compound Butter Flavors

Take butter to the next level and new heights with my sweet (and some savory!) Compound Butter recipes — perfect for any occasion.
A beautiful rainbow of different compound butter recipes

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Hi Bold Bakers!

WHAT YOU GET: In this article, you’ll get multiple compound butter recipes — some sweet, some savory, all very easy to make!

After I learned how to make flavored butter, the flavor possibilities seemed endless — which may explain why I got a bit carried away making all these new recipes! Bakers are well versed in using butter to help create their dessert, but they may forget that it’s also an ingredient that can be improved.

These recipes for homemade compound butter, which include the full spectrum of savory to sweet, will change the way you look at the seemingly humble ingredient. My flavored butter recipes, which contain very few ingredients beyond butter, are the perfect way to amp up your Sunday brunch, impress guests and make for a great homemade gift.

Keep scrolling to learn more about my creamy concoctions and how to make them!

Multiple compound butters — or flavored butters — in a row.

What Is Compound Butter?

It’s a simple twist to mix softened regular butter, usually unsalted butter, with other ingredients to elevate the flavor sweeter or more savory. Imagine having a deliciously flavored butter to complement things like your Irish Scones, your Waffles, or Pancakes?

Some of these kinds of butter can be used for a more savory bread… or even as a way to enhance potatoes, steaks, chicken, and more!

Orange Honey Compound Butter

Honey Orange Compound Butter next to a knife.

My Orange Honey Compound Butter provides a refreshing citrusy perfume to your butter along with the sweet flavor of honey. I highly suggest you spread this flavored butter on everything — specifically my Irish Scones! This butter is one of my favorite ways to class up a plain piece of toast mid-week for a sophisticated breakfast. 

Maple Pecan Compound Butter

Sweet Maple Pecan Butter, sliced.

Are you a household of maple syrup fans? You have to give this recipe a go. The creamy butter is flavored with 100% pure maple syrup, and the sweetness is rounded out with the incredible flavor of toasted pecans. Learn how to make this butter, from which type of maple syrup to use to how to toast your pecans, with my Maple Pecan Compound Butter recipe found here

Blue Cheese Compound Butter

Blue Cheese Butter sliced next to bread.

Homemade Blue Cheese Compound Butter has such a fantastic flavor profile. The lovely buttery spread is perfectly complimented with the sharp, salty taste of the blue cheese. I use this on everything from scrambled eggs to a generous pat on top of a nicely cooked steak. Professional chef secret here: try using this butter instead of regular butter while making Buttermilk Biscuits.

Chipotle Lime Compound Butter

The interior of my Chipotle Butter.

A little bit spicy, sweet, and perfectly tangy (from lime juice), this Chipotle Lime Compound Butter hits all the right notes — and goes extremely well with things like steaks, chicken, and more recipes on the savory spectrum. You absolutely must give it a go.

Strawberry Compound Butter 

Strawberry Compound Butter, sliced.

I love this flavored butter. My Strawberry Compound Butter is a simple, sweet butter that is bursting with the summertime taste of fresh strawberries. It’s made with just butter, strawberries, and a little honey to bring the sweetness together. I love it on Homemade English Muffins, but the possibilities with sweet, fruit-flavored butter are endless.

Sun-Dried Tomato Compound Butter

Sun-Dried Tomato Butter, sliced.

My Sundried Tomato Compound Butter is bursting with flavors from fresh herbs, black pepper and garlic with an incredible texture throughout thanks to the chewy, somewhat sweet yet tangy sundried tomatoes that are brought to life with just a touch of lemon. This makes for the perfect quick appetizer or a secret ingredient in a number of savory recipes. 

Chocolate Compound Butter

Chocolate Compound Butter

Say goodbye to other chocolate spreads — this Chocolate Compound Butter is the perfect way to be a bit indulgent and get your chocolate fix in the morning. Spread this over your breakfast toast and make it extra indulgent by topping it off with a bowl of fresh strawberries, and you’ll be in a good mood all day. It’s hard for anyone to turn up their nose when they find out they can have chocolate for breakfast. 

More Recipes!

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David Speicher SR
David Speicher SR
1 year ago

How much of each ingredient do you use? I do not see any measurements? Thank you

1 year ago

Thanks for your recipes – can’t wait to try it!!

Pete Chamlee
Pete Chamlee
2 years ago

Great video! Adore you! Thanks

2 years ago

Hi Gemma. Can you use long-life (uht treated) cream to make butter? Thanks 🙂

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