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Weight Conversion Chart for Baking Ingredients

In my Baking 101 series, you can get a FREE Downloadable Weight Conversion Chart for your Baking so you can easily convert any measurements for any recipe!
Weight Conversion Chart For Baking Ingredients

Hi Bold Bakers!

Welcome to my Bold Baking Bootcamp! In this limited series we will cover Baking 101, like conversions and substitutions in baking. In this first episode we are starting out with a weight conversions for baking ingredients.

Watch the Weight Conversion Chart Video Below

Now you tune in from all over the world to watch and make my recipes. However, you don’t all use the same weight conversions. Some countries like Ireland use grams and ounces and in the U.S. we use cups.

Growing up in Ireland, I couldn’t make a recipe if it used cups as the measurement. So it is important to me that no matter where you live or what metric you use, you can make my recipes.

I created this Free Downloadable Baking Conversion Chart that converts all of the basic baking ingredients from cups to grams and ounces.

IMPORTANT NOTES: These measurements are based on my learning and experience. You might notice other charts vary and that can be for multiple reasons (e.g. different flours weigh different amounts or you scoop rather than fill your measuring cup).  I measure each 1 oz as 30g, not 28g. As long as you consistently use my chart for all of the ingredients your recipe will work out great. 


Get my Weight Conversion Chart for Baking so you can convert measurements for any recipe!

Now, take for instance flour. 1 cup is equal to 5oz or 150g. However 1 cup of sugar is equal to 8oz or 240g. You will see that the same 1 cup measurement doesn’t always equal the same in grams and ounces. The reason is that 1 cup of sugar isn’t the same weight as flour because sugar is heavier than flour.

You will see that all ingredients are different weights but if you use my chart you can easily see how to convert weights including liquids in any recipe. Liquid is measured in milliliters and fluid ounces.

If you know anyone who would like this chart then share this weight conversion table with them. It will come in really handy when you come across an amazing recipe but it’s in cups or another measurement.

If you like this conversion chart and find it helpful I also have an Egg Substitutes Chart that easily shows you how to substitute eggs in any recipe using regular ingredients like bananas, apple sauce and buttermilk.

And for more Baking Basics, check out my Best-Ever Buttercream Frosting, How to Make Rolled Fondant and Homemade Condensed Milk videos and posts.

Watch The Recipe Video!

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2 years ago

THANK YOU Gemma for this. I’m forever looking up conversions as I only bake with a scale. So often if I’m feeling lazy I dismiss a North American recipe because it’s too much work converting. And those are the norm here, as I’m in Canada.
This will be a lifesaver. I’ll be laminating it and putting it under my scale.
You are the hero of the hour. 🙂

1 year ago

Hi Gemma! Howcome the measurement in your chart for a 1/2 cup of butter which is 120 grams isn’t equal to 240 grams for 1 cup? Isn’t it just has to be doubled or is there any rule or formula i might have missed? Please help me. Thank you!

1 year ago

I have a question – I’ve been on several sites for conversion numbers and have found fairly major differences – for ex. all-purpose flour – one site says 125 g, another 145g, 150g on this one. The variance for other ingredients is the same. Why the differences? I know with some recipes 20g is a lot. Thank you.

Paulene Choi
Paulene Choi
1 year ago

Hi Gemma! How is one cup of flour only 150 grams when it says on our chart that it is 40g for 1/4 cup? Isn’t a cup of flour four parts of 1/4 cup flour? Thanks!

3 months ago

Hello, I had a question how many cups will equal 200 grams of sour cream? Thanks

3 months ago


How many grams would equal 1/4 cup of yoghurt? I only use a kitchen scale for cooking measurements.

6 months ago

hi Jemma
how much is 55 grams of almond flour in cups,
100 grams icing sugar in cups,
50 grams egg whites in cups
25 grams sugar
I could not find it

Shifa khan
8 months ago

I always go wrong with the measuring spoons. Could you please share measuring chart on spoons?

8 months ago

WOW, Gemma – Thanks a million

9 months ago

This may seem a bit off-topic, but do you have a repository of the doodles/images (like the flour bag, the measuring cup, etc) you use on these charts somewhere on the website? As in, all of them on one page?

Asking because I’m in the process of converting the family recipe book to plain language and images, to make it more cognitively accessible for my mom after her brain injury. It would be really helpful to have images to refer to when I’m working on it.

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