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The 5 Best Mug Recipes You Can Make In Minutes

With so many to choose from, why not start with the Top 5 Mug Recipes and work your way through the whole list?
All 5 of the Top 5 Mug Recipes you can make in minutes, including mug brownie, mug pizza, mug mac and cheese, mug burrito, and mug donut.

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Hi Bold Bakers!

To kick off 2020, and to celebrate the launch of my ‘Gemma’s Mug Meals Mugs,‘ I thought it would be a good idea to do a video of my top 5 Best Mug Recipes You Can Make in Minutes! These mug recipes are the ones that really took the internet by storm so you won’t want to miss them! Counting down from No.5 to No.1, you might be really surprised what made the list…

5. Burrito in a Mug (Mugrito)

What’s that? You didn’t know you could make a breakfast burrito in a mug in the microwave, tortilla and all? This protein-packed mug meal is the perfect jump start to your day. Mix it up the night before and cook it off fresh in the morning. Head over to my Burrito in a Mug recipe.

A finished Breakfast Mug Burrito, in Gemma's Mug Meals Mug, with eggs, cheese, and salsa.


4. Jelly Donut in a Mug (Mugnut)

From the moment the video went out with this mug cake in it, it was an instant hit! A soft, cinnamon cake with a jammy center and coated in sugar… that sounds like a donut to me! Go check out my Jelly Donut in a Mug!

A fully baked jelly donut in a mug, topped with jam and cinnamon sugar.

3. Mac and Cheese in a Mug

Hugely popular with students, kids after school, AND anyone who just wanted an easy, hassle-free meal. Winner Winner Mac and Cheese Dinner!! See how easy it is to make my Mac and Cheese in a Mug!

Mac and Cheese, fully cooked, in a mug having been baked in the microwave.

2. Brownie in a Mug

It’s no wonder that millions of people wanted to see how they could make a homemade brownie in the microwave in minutes!

This recipe is easy to remember and can be made with basic cupboard staples. Head over to my Brownie in a Mug!

A single serving brownie made entirely in a mug, baked in the microwave.

1. Microwave Mug Pizza 

A Viral sensation straight out of the gate, this Microwave Mug Pizza made a real impression online! A simple crust, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperonis make up the layers of this hugely popular mug meal. What more do you want from a pizza??!!! Head over now to Microwave Mug Pizza

A single serving pizza made in the microwave and baked in a mug, topped with cheese and pepperonis.

Watch The Recipe Video!

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Liz Gaskill
Liz Gaskill
1 year ago

Hi Gemma,
Fell in love with your recipes, so I bought your cookbook. And the book is great, but I was really after all your mug recipes. You said that you have 100 mug recipes…I got 3 in the book. Sooooo, When are you going to come out with a Cook Book, with just mug recipes? I will be first in line to buy it.
Have a Great Day!
Liz Gaskill

Margaret Ellis(@maggie-ellis)
1 year ago

Gemma, how can I get rid of the strip down the side, saying, tips, share etc. It covers what I am trying to read

1 year ago

I tried some of you mug recipes I loved them.

Silvia Sandino
1 year ago

After reading all the comments, yesterday I did the brownie, but differently. I did it with butter instead of oil, I did it with dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder (I only had dark chocolate), I put milk instead of water and I put half an egg. I recommend it like that 1000%!!

Monica Ganz
Monica Ganz
11 months ago

No microwave… Love your Mug recipes. Can I do this in a Cuisinart Airfryer Toaster Oven?

3 months ago

Love my mug breakfast!! Got your mug and it’s complete!!

Khushi Singhania
Khushi Singhania
4 months ago

Hi Gemma,
Can you please make some recipe for eggless, not blended, baked mug oatmeal.

Last edited 4 months ago by Khushi Singhania
11 months ago

Hello gemma i love your delicious and easy recipes but i wanted to ask you for the mac n cheese can i replace the cheddar cheese with mozzarella cheese?
And thank you 😊

11 months ago

You are really doing great work. I love it.

11 months ago

You baking recipe it’s really amazing and mind-blowing, i will really try my next day….

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