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3 Incredible Ways To Use Banana Bread

Banana Bread doesn't have to be boring — especially when you can make a pudding, trifle, and French toast out of it!
Banana Bread Recipes Three Different Ways

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Hi Bold Bakers!

I have been making banana bread recipes for my entire professional career. I’ve taken it from Ireland to Italy to Australia and now the United States. There’s no better comfort food than warm banana bread with a bit of butter — and to be fair, no better way to use up any bananas that have gotten too ripe. 

But, I will admit, after I’ve had a slice of banana bread for breakfast (and, okay, sometimes with my afternoon tea too!) for a few days in a row, I start wondering what I can do with this quick bread to mix it up a bit. I’ve come up with a few recipes that use banana bread over the years that I’ve loved sharing with you, but these three recipes really blow me away every time!

For all of these recipes, I use my Best Ever Banana Bread as my base. I guarantee it’s foolproof — you’ll get an incredibly moist banana bread every single time. 

It’s one loaf that makes three amazing, different desserts!

Banana Bread Pudding

Banana Bread Pudding in a white dish next to bowls with servings.

I love a good bread pudding — it’s a recipe my mum would make for my siblings and me all the time growing up in Ireland. But this recipe takes bread pudding and kicks it up a notch by using banana bread. You get all those beautiful textures, the tasty creamy custard, plus a wonderful banana flavor. 

Be sure you take the time to let your banana bread cubes soak up that custard before you bake! Underneath that crunchy top layer should be a treasure trove of creamy custard bread pudding. 

This recipe is perfect for an easy, impressive brunch or as a sweet treat after dinner. 

Learn how to make my Banana Bread Pudding here!

Incredible Banana Bread French Toast

Syrup being poured onto Banana Bread French Toast.

This is one of those recipes that I kick myself over. It’s such a simple idea — using banana bread instead of regular bread for French toast — why didn’t I think of it earlier?

Be sure to let the banana bread soak until almost all the custard is absorbed. I really can’t explain how amazing it is to cut into that crispy outside and find that the middle is melt-in-your-mouth delicious. 

This is a great recipe for leftover banana bread, too. If it’s a little dry, it will want to soak up all that delicious custard. This is next-level French toast. Please don’t forget the maple syrup! 

Learn how to make my Incredible Banana Bread French Toast here! 

Elegant Banana Bread Trifle

A glass full of banana bread trifle.

Heaven in a glass. This recipe is a perfect example of taking just a few simple ingredients and turning it into something really beautiful and elegant.

I grew up with trifles and they are one of my favorite treats. I love any dessert that keeps things interesting, and the flavors and textures of this trifle do just that. Sweet banana bread, rich homemade salted caramel, creamy crème anglaise, fresh bananas, and fluffy whipped cream — need I say more!

I make all my ingredients ahead of time and then just assemble once everyone is ready for dessert. Use my signature salted caramel sauce, easy créme anglaise, and of course, homemade whipped cream

Learn how to make my Elegant Banana Bread Trifle here! 

Get more Banana Bread recipes:

And don’t forget to buy my Bigger Bolder Baking Cookbook!

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Purple Critic
2 years ago

Hello Gemma!
Thank you for these new addition to the Banana Bread Rep​er​toire. 🤗

I’ve made your Best Ever Banana Bread countless times. But in the video, it looks like you’re using PLAIN Banana Bread. I did not see the rolled oats in them. Or, maybe I’m wrong. 😏

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