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Gemma’s Mug Meals Mugs: Perfect Mugs For All Your Microwave Baking

Gemma's Mug Meals Mugs let you quickly and easily make incredible microwave meals and desserts in minutes — perfect for single-serving treats and fast meals.
Multiple Mug Meals Mugs with baked goods in them, like cake and brownies.

Hi Bold Bakers!

Years ago, someone challenged me to make a cake without an oven. That one request opened the floodgates and my Mug Meals were born — single-serving meals and desserts that are whipped up in a mug, baked in a mug (in the microwave), and served in a mug like my Celebration Vanilla Mug Cake, world-famous Mug Pizza, and Brownie in a Mug.

And Bold Bakers around the world fell in love just as I did!

Now, the next step in microbaking is here — my Mug Meals Mugs that are specially designed to be perfect for all of my Mug Cakes & Meals recipes, and any soup recipe or hot drink you want to throw at it, too.

[ Looking for a hot drink? Try my Best-Ever Hot Chocolate! ]

What Are Gemma’s Mug Meals Mugs?

Gemma's Mug Meals Mug with funfetti cake and spork.

If you don’t have time to cook a full meal, or need something to eat that’s high-quality, hot, and fast, I have just the thing. Or, maybe you just want to make a delicious, single-serving dessert in minutes. That’s exactly what my Gemma’s Mug Meals Mug & Spork Set solves. It lets you quickly and easily make incredible microwave meals and desserts in minutes. Every one of my 100+ Mug Meals recipes works perfectly in these mugs, so the possibilities are endless and the results are awesome.

  • Make amazing single-serving meals in your microwave in minutes!
  • And, quickly and easily make meals for the whole family with multiple Mug Meal Mugs.
  • Large, 14 oz ceramic mug is the perfect size for an individual meal.
  • Stainless steel spork fits right in the handle – convenient for parties or when you’re taking a break from your meal.
  • Easy cleanup and dishwasher safe — mix, microwave, and enjoy in one mug!
  • Created by me, Gemma Stafford, a professionally-trained chef/baker and the host of Bigger Bolder Baking.
  • Includes recipe booklet with 3 Mug Meal favorites you can whip up in minutes!
  • Mug Meals are great for dorm rooms, small kitchens, or even to make at work.
  • Each mug comes in a gift box purchase for the holidays or any occasion.

What Are Some Mug Meals, Mug Cakes & Mug Desserts I Can Make In Them?

Gemma's Mug Meals Mug with funfetti cake, brownie, and pizza — and sporks.

Not having time, a lot of ingredients, or a lot of people to bake for used to be an issue, but my mug meals and desserts fix all of that. In no time at all, with very little effort, you can have amazing tasting cakes, dinners, lunches, and breakfasts ready to eat!

How about trying:

I have hundreds of mug cakes & meals for you to choose from!

Where Can I Buy Gemma’s Mug Meals Mugs?

Baking a mug cake in the microwave with a Microwave Mug Meals Mug

The best way to buy my mugs, if you’re in the U.S., is from the Bigger Bolder Baking Shopify store! BUY NOW!

And if you live outside the United States, don’t worry — you can get all the mugs you want on the Bigger Bolder Baking Amazon store, too. BUY NOW!

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Mary Jayne Miller
Mary Jayne Miller
17 days ago

Please write a microwave cookbook for breakfast lunch & dinner! Your Bigger Bolder cookbook was so easy to follow

Mary Jayne Miller
Mary Jayne Miller
17 days ago

Lov ur recipes do u have one for microwave meatloaf? I bought your cookbook Bigger Bolder Baking made me into a cook. So easy to follow! Do u hv a microwave cookbook for all meals (breakfast, lunch & dinner)?

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About Us

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