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Eggless cake

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    I bake eggless cake, where I use evaporated milk instead of water & egg. After baking why does my cake from middle spot breaks. Please advise
    Should I be using something else? If yes then Will it make my cake nice spongy



    Hi Arpita, have you tried using Condensed milk and also check the quantity of egg substitute you are using.

    I bake without eggs for all my baking and initially i also had the same problem. With trial and error i found we should not be beating (or) whisking the dough after we add evaporated/ condensed milk. Just fold them through the dough to thicken the flour and measure the milk you add instead of an egg. For 3-4 cups of flour for me 3 tablespoons of milk worked.

    Just try out small batches with lesser proportions and you will end up finding your perfect substitute and method.



    Hi vishuti
    Thank you for advise
    Actually I always use Betty Crocker cake m???? x and follow direction from there. I use oil as it stated in box. But for water & egg I use evaporated milk

    Do you do this way or different. If different can u please share receipe

    Thank you



    Hi Arpita,
    You can use Olive Oil in the cake as it helps to bind the cake. I use Olive Oil in the baking process.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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