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My Cinnamon Roll dough was really soft and I could barely roll it, Help?

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    Gemma Stafford

    I’m kicking this off because it is something that so many have experienced so let me try and solve it for you.

    It seems like I get photos of gorgeous Cinnamon rolls and in the same day get a message that someones didn’t work out.
    So I went through the recipe with a fine tooth comb and made it again. I also asked my mum to make it using grams and ounces and she did.
    We both got the same results as I did in the video.

    Here is some tips to success:
    -It’s always preferred to use grams and ounces when baking before it is more accurate. Baking is about accuracy.
    -A humid climate can affect the dough in a negative way. Doughs don’t like extra moisture so try and keep it in a dry place.
    -The more exact you are with the weight of the ingredients the better your results.

    Let me know below what you have experienced. I promise you that you can make amazing cinnamon rolls with this recipe.


    Shalini Hashwani

    Hi Gemma, I recently started following your website. Wonderful recipes. As cinnamon rolls I decided to try that out.. And yes my dough was wet too. I noticed quite a few ppl commented on tht. Also noticed 2 ppl from Indonesia. Well I am from Indonesia and we r coastal and humid. I thimk we need to keep tht in.mind. I added alot of extra flour to make it.rollable. It’s waiting to go to the oven as I type. Let’s see wht happens.



    One thought came to mind in regards to “dough too soft” or “wet dough” is the yeast that is used. Proofing Active Dry Yeast adds a certain amount of liquid which may need to be subtracted from the water in the recipe. I recently made the cinnamon rolls for 150 people and I used “Instant Yeast” purchased in a 1 lb. package. This yeast requires no proofing. it is added directly to the dry ingredients and used in the same measure. I also let my dough rest in the fridge for 2 and 1/2 days before baking and the dough was much stronger than my previous 1 day attempt. Best of luck all!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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