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    Hi Gemma,
    I am from Kuwait and I have been using your recipes for sometime now and I love your easy way of how you bake and explain. You make baking fun. Thank you.


    Patricia Williams

    Old help me submit my photo cake



    Hi Gemma, I was googling how to make basic biscuits with my new stand mixer, when I came across your website. I went straight to your baking basics, and checked out a couple of your videos. I found the video on making your own home made extracts. That gave me an idea for Christmas presents. I also printed off the Baking conversion chart.
    I am looking forward to learning more!


    Patty Town

    ty… hi was wondering if you have any chowder recipes



    Hi!, I am Riah from Philippines. I am excited about mug recipe. I am planning to put up a small bakeshop in my town home and get some recipe here. 🙂



    Can you have a video doing a mirror glazed cake? thanks!


    Alana Barrell

    Hey Gemma
    How do you make flat breads?
    If anyone knows please let me know


    Alana Barrell

    My name is Alana from South Africa and I have lived in a lot of places around the world.
    I love Asian food.
    I love baking.
    What’s your favorite recipe?


    Maureen Sandler

    Just had a quick sqwizz and your website and recipes look awesome.
    A quick question, seems to have been asked but not answered as yet…
    Can I use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk for a low sugar
    ice cream and maybe add some diet sweetener?



    Hi Gamma, love your recipes , the way u explains everything step by step !
    Your the Best-Ever Vanilla Buttercream Frosting os amazing and I use it for different cakes ! I bake some off them already , special the carrot cake on microwave, so easy to do it and everyone loved 🙂 .
    I start baking last year just for fun ( and still do it for fun ) but now I have much more knowledge and try doing something different more elaborate.
    My friends and family now every time ask me to bake something for them :).
    I have a question for you :
    Can we get some orange or carrot swissroll made by you ?
    Thank u for accept me in you site ????????

    Regarding from Portuguese guy !!????????????????


    Ernie lusk

    Hello Gemma and all the bold bakers, thank you for a sight to learn new things about baking and just generally good food. My profile pic is my mom the best all around great cook and Baker I ever knew!!



    Hello Gemma I’m very glad to be apart of the discussion board.



    Hi, I just love your videos. I’m hoping to make some recipes. I usually just grab a box cake mix or cookie package. But now I am really going to try some of these recipes. And I really like your baking tips. I do have one question, is it OK to use frozen cream cheese in baking? Thank you ????❤️


    arzoo chaudhary

    This is a really good website and platform for beginners, amazing content.
    I can not wait to try this. Thank you for sharing.



    I stumbled across your videos on Facebook. Now I am hooked. So much to learn.

Viewing 15 posts - 46 through 60 (of 60 total)

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