Interview with Bake From Scratch Founder Brian Hart Hoffman + Chrissy Teigen News & TikTok’s Baked Oats | Knead to Know #4

Knead to Know Episode 4 has it all: a sit-down with the incomparable Brian Hart Hoffman, new TikTok baked oat trends, Chrissy Teigen news, organic Reese's Cups, and Gemma's take on Shamrock Shakes!
Knead to Know Episode 4 with Brian Hart Hoffman

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Hi Bold Bakers!

This week’s episode of Knead to Know is full of all sorts of fun treats and topics, including the new baking trend that’s stolen the spotlight from baked feta pasta and a sit-down chat with one of my greatest friends and ultimate baking extraordinaire, Founder/Editor In Chief of Bake from Scratch magazine, and multiple cookbook author Brian Hart Hoffman.

Our host Mia is super excited about a certain celebrity that might be opening a new restaurant and I have a lot to say about green foods in the states during St. Patrick’s Day! So grab a cup of tea or start setting up your ingredients to get baking while you listen. Here’s everything you Knead to Know this week!

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Cravings For This New Restaurant

Model and two-time cookbook author, Chrissy Teigen, recently posted an Instagram photo hinting at the possibility of opening her very own market or restaurant in Beverly Hills! She posed in an empty restaurant kitchen with a caption expressing how she’s been looking at properties in the area and has plans for the future. Chrissy also recently posted a photo of a chocolate frosting sheet cake from her third and upcoming Cravings cookbook — so HOPEFULLY, there will be a bakery element at what Mia (big fan) is *hoping* will be a Cravings sit-down dining experience! If you’re reading this, Chrissy, Mia wants you to come on the show so you can talk about your shared love for McDonald’s… and sheet cakes.

Bring In The Baked Oats

Dinner is out and breakfast is in — at least according to Tik Tok. Baked oats have stolen the viral spotlight. The oats are blended into a flour-like consistency, then placed in an ovenproof dish with egg, baking powder, vanilla, mashed banana, and your choice of milk (Mia is proudly a part of #TeamOatMilk) before being topped with anything your heart desires — from chocolate chips to berries. Some Tik Tok users have even made Carrot Cake variations! How cool is that? My Microwave Peanut Butter & Banana Mug Cake is similar to this trend, and it’s so, so delicious! We are wondering, though: is it porridge? Is it a cake? Is it both? What do you think? 

Will These Cake Trends Catch On?

Speaking of cake, Dawn Foods put out their predictions for 2021 cake trends, and they’re saying that this year, chocolate cakes will be darker and richer than ever before. They foresee bakers turning to ingredients such as black cocoa powder, activated charcoal, and richer fudge. Black Cocoa Powder is simply a cocoa powder that has been heavily dutched, just like the outer cookie of Oreos. Activated charcoal is a potent detoxifier that does everything from preventing hangovers to mitigating the side effects of food poisoning, but it’s also worth noting that it’s NOT currently a product regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration — so it’s a controversial ingredient.

Brian talks more about how he uses black cocoa powder in his recipes, so stick around to hear what he has to say!

Reese’s Goes Organic 

A package of organic Reese's cups.
Courtesy The Hershey Company

Surprise! Reese’s is introducing its new organic peanut butter cups this month, available in both dark and milk chocolate. For those of you wondering, organic doesn’t necessarily mean something is healthier or more nutritious, but it does mean that the product contains fewer pesticides and the farming process is better for the environment. Mia loved that the brand manager of Reese’s Organic said that they’re “continuing to expand our product line so there is a Reese’s cup for nearly everyone.” If this is true, Mia wants a Lady Gaga Chromatica Reese’s, stat.

Baking Up An Easter Basket

Some of you may be wondering, what else can go in your Easter baskets besides Reese’s peanut butter cups? Peeps! Duncan Hines just released a Duncan Hines and Peeps baking kit so you can make fun-themed brownies or a springy cake covered in adorable and delicious marshmallowy goodness. Also, “peep” this: Build-A-Bear now has a line of stuffed animal Peeps Bunnies! Yes, you can now eat the marshmallow treats, and cuddle with them too. Speaking of holidays…

Lucky Leprechaun Frappuccino vs. Shamrock Shakes

I have thoughts about this one! With St. Patrick’s Day coming up quickly, this means that Mcdonald’s is selling its fan-favorite again here in the States: the Shamrock Shake. But some people are arguing that Starbucks’ secret menu Lucky Leprechaun Frappuccino is the way to go. The drink is a Matcha Green Tea Creme Frappuccino with peppermint syrup, java chips, and a layer of whipped cream at the bottom and on top, as well as caramel crunchies for a “sprinkle of gold.”

A little healthy competition is fun — but listen to the show to hear what I really think about green foods and drinks for St. Patrick’s Day, and what I like to bake for the holiday at home!

At The Counter with Bake From Scratch Editor-in-Chief, Brian Hart Hoffman

Brian Hart Hoffman pouring batter into a loaf pan.

Brian Hart Hoffman is the Editor-in-Chief of Bake from Scratch, President, and CCO of Hoffman Media, and author of 9 books — from incredibly yummy and beautiful cocktails to cookies collection! He’s also one of my greatest friends, so I know you’ll love this chat with him and our host Mia Brabham as much as I did!

He talks about how his career as a flight attendant fostered his love for global cuisine, and how he grew up baking with his mom before choosing to take on Hoffman Media alongside her. Brian also lets us in on his special childhood baking tradition, what Southern baking means to him (I am melting at the thought of his ‘Bama Blackout Cake!), and why he won’t stand for hatred in the international baking community. Oh, did we mention that Chrissy Teigen tweeted out a recipe in one of his magazines? See, it all comes full circle here on Knead to Know.

Until next week!

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