Gemma & Kevin Talk Summer Ingredients, Pies, Desserts With No Added Sugar, And Rolling Pins!

Kevin joins Gemma for another special episode of Knead to Know where they talk about everything from summer ingredients to rolling pins — and whether or not certain pies are overrated!
Knead to Know 22 with Gemma Stafford and Kevin Kurtz about rolling pins.

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Hi Bold Bakers!

There are so many different kinds of materials for rolling pins — but what’s the best?

We’re definitely sad to see Mia go, but we push onwards! I’m happy that my husband and Bigger Bolder Baking co-creator, Kevin Kurtz, was able to join me this week as a guest co-host as he has a few times before. It’s always fun to get into it with him.

In this week’s episode, we talk about baking with new and classic summer ingredients, which pies are Overrated/Underrated, if there are decent desserts out there with very little or no added sugar, what your rolling pin should be made out of, and some interesting baking news from Catherine Zeta-Jones and Gigi Hadid — Gigi’s story also involves the Cake Boss himself!

Here’s what you Knead to Know!

Summer Ingredients & Experimentation

Kevin led off the episode with a really great question: what kind of summer ingredients, flavors, and desserts am I using and making right now in the heat of July. With my culinary assistant, Ami, at my side, I’ve actually ventured outside of my comfort zone with ingredients like strawberries and cardamom, rosewater, and more!

Catherine Zeta-Jones Daily Food Plan

If you’re unaware, there was a recent interview with Catherine Zeta-Jones about some of her daily routines — which she claims includes tea, cookies, milk chocolates, scones with clotted cream and jam, and more. Kevin and I talk about my daily habits, which really consist mostly of coffee and tea, and how “selection boxes” should come to the states!

Desserts With Little To No Added Sugar

Chocolate Soup

When it comes to desserts with very little to no added sugar in them, I think about some of my desserts with chocolate — specifically dark chocolate, like my Chocolate Soup recipe. There’s a little bit of sugar in the chocolate, but none added.

Gigi Hadid Loves Cake — And The Cake Boss

Apparently, supermodel Gigi Hadid loves cake, which is amazing, but she might love the Cake Boss even more, who recently decorated a cake with her! So, Kevin asked me if there’s a chef out there that I’d love to meet or work with… and yes, of course, there is. It’s a loaded question, but I do my best to answer it!

And Kevin talks about his choice — which is, spoiler alert, Nigella Lawson.

The Wide Variety Of Rolling Pins

What should you do if you don't have rolling pins?

Does a rolling pin make a difference? I use a wooden classic rolling pin because it’s what I have. There are lots of materials for rolling pins, like marble and metal, which helps keep your pastry cold, which is very important. So we talk about rolling pins!

Also, if you don’t have a rolling pin, I suggest what you can use instead.

Summer Pie Season & What I Grew Up With

A slice of blueberry pi.

Spoiler: in Ireland, we grew up with tarts. You could get a lemon meringue pie, but it wasn’t very common. Treacle, apple, rhubarb tarts, though, you could find those. So what’s the difference? Find out!

Oh, and we play a little game of Overrated/Underrated with pie, too.

Until Next Week…

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You can stay up to date with Mia on Instagram @yourstrulymia and me on Instagram @gemma_stafford. Don’t worry — there are still more shows (and guests!) with me as your host to come! 

See you next week on Knead to Know!

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