Gemma Talks Ice Cream Bread, Barkuterie Boards, and Blake Lively’s Cakes!

Gemma & Mia talk about Blake Lively's watermelon cake, Easy Bake Ovens, Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Bread, Butter vs. Oil and "Barkuterie" Boards for dogs!
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Hi Bold Bakers!

Ice cream bread? Just wait until you find out what it is!

I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year… and I also can’t believe this is our last show with Mia! She got hired as a full-time staff writer over at Shondaland. We’ll miss her sorely, but we’re so happy for her! Be sure to keep up with her online, because we’ll be cheering her on, too!

On this week’s episode of Knead to Know, we talk about Blake Lively’s latest cake creation (made with bakeware she’s kept since she was a teen!), who named our dog Waffles (and if I’ve ever baked for him), Ben and Jerry’s unexpected ice cream bread recipe (and my favorite flavor), plus baking with olive oil versus butter (yes, I have the perfect recipe recommendation!). Here are all the details:

Blake Lively’s Watermelon Cake

Actress Blake Lively recently baked a watermelon cake in her Betty Crocker Bake & Fill that she’s kept since she was 17! I talk about some of the bakeware that I’ve kept over the years that make me feel nostalgic, and Mia throws it back to Easy-Bake Ovens! I also confess if I’d ever bake a cake that resembles something else, as well as if I’ve ever bought an “As Seen On TV” as Blake mentions in her photo caption! You’ll have to listen to find out…

Crazy Charcuterie Boards… For Dogs?

Dog treats with a dog in the background.

Mia has a fascination with all the crazy iterations of charcuterie boards that people come up with… but after stumbling across an article about Barkuterie Boards” for dogs, she asks me if I think things have gone too far. I talk about what I’d rather bake for Waffles instead, and I also tell the story of how Waffles got his name!

Ben and Jerry’s Swirled Ice Cream Bread Recipe

Ice Cream Bread plated next to the loaf.
Image via Ben & Jerry’s

Thanks to an Insider article, Mia found out that Ben & Jerry’s has a recipe on their site for swirled ice cream bread made with just two ingredients: Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (two flavors), and self-rising flour. You melt the ice cream, incorporate it with the flour, then bake. I let Mia know if I think this is “makey-uppy” (as I always like to say), or if I’d try it. Honestly, have you every heard of ice cream bread?

We also talk about what happens when you melt ice cream by microwave rather than letting it sit out at room temperature, and what my favorite flavor of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream is! 

Baking with Butter vs. Oil

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There was a recent article in the Washington Post by Jessie Sheehan about baking with oil rather than butter, and how she prefers it because it’s easier and faster. This leads Mia to ask me why and when one should bake with oil over butter, and how I feel about short and simple recipes over more complex, intricate ones. Of course, I had to mention my Internet’s Best Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies recipe!

Until Next Week…

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See you next week on Knead to Know!

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