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3-Ingredient Breadsticks Recipe (No Yeast)

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My 3-Ingredient Breadsticks Recipe creates incredibly delicious buttery and soft breadsticks with simple ingredients--no yeast necessary!
Baked golden breadsticks covered with rich garlic butter, wrapped with towel in a serving basket.

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Hi Bold Bakers!

WHY YOU’LL LOVE THIS RECIPE: My easy homemade Three-Ingredient Breadsticks (no yeast necessary!) recipe brings you addictive, pillowy, and lightly crispy breadsticks warm from the oven.  These incredible dipping sticks will fill your kitchen with a mouth-watering savory aroma in no time. Make them extra special with an optional rich garlic butter glaze. One bite of these no-yeast breadsticks will definitely have you keep coming back for more, and you’ll never look back at the commercial version! 

There is nothing like freshly baked homemade bread unless it’s fast and easy three-ingredient bread! That’s why I’ve created my Three-Ingredient Breadsticks (no yeast necessary) recipe that you’ll love as much–or more–than a traditional loaf of bread because my recipe doesn’t require yeast, proofing, or eggs! With each bite, you get a bit of crunchy crust before reaching a soft and chewy interior. Slather on the optional glaze for a savory buttery garlic flavor that sinks into the breadstick, giving you an over-the-top eating experience that surpasses any restaurant garlic bread. 

In just 45 minutes, you can prep and bake these beautiful homemade no-yeast breadsticks, and all you need are ONLY three common household ingredients! Super budget-friendly and simple, Three-Ingredient No-Yeast Breadsticks make a great snack, side dish, or appetizer for dinner parties!

Table of Contents

What Are 3-Ingredient Breadsticks?

Breadsticks (also known as dipping sticks) are crisp, pencil-sized sticks that originated in Italy. A breadstick is mainly composed of flour, water, and yeast. While the original recipe makes thin, dry-baked breadsticks, in the United States, soft-baked breadsticks that are thicker in size, fluffier in texture, and richer in flavor are more common.

3 Ingredient Breadsticks Recipe in a basket

Many of us can’t resist those unlimited baskets of fragrant, golden-brown breadsticks in our favorite chain restaurants. This recipe is even better: Three-Ingredient Breadsticks (No Yeast Necessary) are so quick and easy you can serve them warm from the oven in no time!  These no-yeast breadsticks are soft-baked and are perfect on their own as an appetizer, or serve them with a variety of foods and dips, including:

  • Pasta (Spaghetti, Fettuccine Alfredo, Lasagna, and Penne alla vodka)
  • Soup (Minestrone, Tomato, Chicken Noodle, and Lentil)
  • Dip (Marinara, Hummus, Tzatziki, Artichoke, and Spinach)
  • Cheese (Parmesan, Mozzarella, Gorgonzola, and Asiago)
  • Salad (Caesar, Caprese, Greek, Cobb, and Spinach)

How Do Breadsticks Rise Without Yeast? What’s the Difference Between No-Yeast Breadsticks and Yeast Breadsticks?

Typically, bread recipes call for yeast (active dry yeast or instant yeast), but this 3-Ingredient Breadstick recipe only needs baking powder, so NO proofing or kneading is required! Though both baking powder and yeast are leavening agents which can increase the volume and lighten the texture of baked goods, they differ in their chemical reactions and effects.   

  • Yeast works through a slow, natural, biological reaction by feeding on the sugars in flour (and added sugar if applicable) to release carbon dioxide that makes bread rise. This process also releases alcohol which adds flavor.
    • During this slow fermentation process, with every burst of carbon dioxide that the yeast releases into an air bubble, protein and water molecules move about to have another chance to connect and form more gluten.
    • Kneading also causes protein and water move to bond, forming gluten which is a stretchy protein strand network that gives bread its structure.
    • Baking powder works through a quick acid-base chemical reaction. Once baking powder is mixed with liquid, carbon dioxide is immediately released to make the baked goods rise.
      • That’s why it’s best to bake off baking powder-leavened recipes right away because they start to rise immediately.
      • The less handling of baking powder-leavened recipes, the fluffier, softer, and better the results will be. Comparatively, baked goods made with a mix of baking powder and baking soda or just baking soda have an airy, bubbly structure.

Tools You Need

Ingredients You Need to for 3-Ingredient No-Yeast Breadsticks:

Basic Dough (Already very soft, fluffy, and fragrant!)

  • All-purpose flour: All-purpose flour forms the base of your breadsticks. Its 9-11% protein content is perfect for binding all dry and wet ingredients together, and it will give you soft breadsticks.
  • Baking powder:
    • Most baking powder on the market is “double-acting.” Besides activating through heat during baking, the baking powder gets ACTIVATED IMMEDIATELY when mixed with wet ingredients. DO NOT let the batter sit for too long. Bake it off ASAP for the best rise without losing effectiveness.
    • Baking powder contains dry acid “cream of tartar” so it can get activated by any liquid that doesn’t have to be acidic to leaven baked goods.
  • Plain yogurt: Plain yogurt is the secret ingredient that guarantees tanginess and tenderness in your no-yeast breadsticks. 

Optional Add-ons (To elevate the delicious basic dough!)

  • Egg wash:
    • Egg-washing your pastry will create an enticing, shiny finish.
    • To make egg wash, beat one large egg and a tablespoon of milk until well combined.
  • Butter: Melted butter gives your breadsticks a delectable, beautiful extra touch.
    • Either salted butter or unsalted butter will work. Use salted butter for extra flavor.
    • To melt your butter, place pieces of it in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for about 30 to 45 seconds. If there are any leftover pieces, stir them around and they should melt away.
  • Garlic: Garlic is the partner in crime to butter for these breadsticks. Garlic provides a distinct slightly sweet and spicy taste.
    • Make sure to crush your garlic cloves to release their amazing flavor and aroma.
    • To crush garlic, remove the outer layer. Separate the cloves, and place a knife over the top of each clove. Gently press down on the clove to smash it. You can also use a garlic press or mortar and pestle.

No-Yeast Breadsticks Ingredients

Why Add Plain Yogurt to No-Yeast Breadsticks?

You may be looking at this list of ingredients and wondering why I’ve included plain yogurt. Well, adding plain yogurt improves the breadsticks’ overall texture and flavor in several ways:

  • Softens dough: Because of its natural enzymes that break down gluten formation, plain yogurt is great for tenderizing and adding moisture to your dough.
  • Helps dough rise faster: Unlike regular yogurt with flavoring, plain yogurt is more tart and acidic. When the acidity of the yogurt combines with baking powder, it creates a chemical reaction that helps your breadsticks rise faster and become fluffier in texture.
  • Balances flavor: Three-Ingredient Breadsticks tend to lean on the saltier side if salt and garlic are added. Plain yogurt adds tang, which balances the savory and salty flavors.

How to Make 3-Ingredient No-Yeast Breadsticks:

  1. Before baking:
    • Preheat the oven and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Greasing the sheet first will help to keep parchment paper in place.
    • Make the dough:
      • DO NOT put in all the liquid at once. Flours in different places absorb liquid differently. Hold back a quarter of the yogurt then adjust it accordingly. If the mixture is very dry, add a splash of milk or water a little at a time until you reach a smooth and workable dough.
      • DO NOT over-mix. Mix JUST until you reach a smooth and workable dough.
    • Divide the dough into equal pieces.
      • You can use a bench scraper and scale to help you divide your bread into even portions if you prefer.
      • On a lightly floured surface, use your hands to roll your dough pieces into rope shapes.
  2. Baking:
    • Evenly space out the breadsticks on the prepared baking sheet.
    • Feel free to brush the tops of your sticks with the optional egg wash for a nice golden-brown finish.
    • Bake breadsticks until they’ve all risen, turned golden brown, and smell fragrant.
  3. After Baking (optional):
    • Generously brush melted butter and crushed garlic onto the breadsticks while they are still hot.
    • Feel free to also sprinkle some sea salt, garlic salt, and garlic powder on top if you wish.
  4. Serve immediately with a side of marinara sauce, and enjoy!

Step-by-step instructions how to make breadsticks at home: mix dry ingredients, add yogurt and mix until get a smooth dough, shape into sticks, then brush with egg wash before baking.

Gluten-Free 3-Ingredient Breadsticks

  • For those of you who have gluten allergies or want to try a gluten-free recipe, good news! It’s very simple. All you have to do is substitute a Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour Blend, Almond Flour, Oat Flour, or coconut flour for all-purpose flour. Find out the ratios in my guide to the Best Gluten-Free Flours.
  • A good rule of thumb when substituting flour is to hold back some liquid by using up to 3/4th in one go and adjust accordingly to get the same dough consistency as the recipe: a smooth and workable dough.

Can I Make 3-Ingredient No-Yeast Breadsticks In Advance?

  • You can make no-yeast breadsticks in advance but keep this in mind: with any baking powder-leavened recipe, it’s best to bake off right away to give your baked goods the best rise! Storing unbaked breadsticks will lessen baking powder’s effectiveness, and will affect their softness because baking powder activates immediately to release gas when mixed with liquid.
  • Before storing your dough in the refrigerator, I recommend portioning it into even pieces in advance for easy shaping later on.
  • Store your dough covered in the fridge for 1 to 2 days. When you’re ready, bake off as usual!

How To Store 3-Ingredient No-Yeast Breadsticks

These breadsticks are so good, it’s likely you won’t have any leftovers! But if you do, here are some tips to keep them fresh for as long as possible:

  • Room temperature: Store your leftover breadsticks in an airtight container for up to 24 hours. Using an airtight container will keep them from going stale. Be sure to cool them before storing them.
  • Refrigerator: Breadsticks tend to go stale in the refrigerator because they will dry out faster when exposed to cold air. However, if you want to store them in the fridge, place them in an airtight container for 2 to 3 days.
  • Freezer: The best way to store leftover breadsticks is in the freezer! This is because they stay fresh for longer without becoming too stale. After your breadsticks have fully cooled, tightly wrap individual breadsticks in plastic wrap or foil and place them in a resealable bag. Store in the freezer for up to 3 months.
    • Reheat: To reheat your frozen breadsticks, thaw them at room temperature for a few hours or in the refrigerator overnight. Place your breadsticks on a parchment-lined baking sheet and bake at 350°F (180°C) for 10 to 15 minutes. They’ll taste good as new!


What can I use instead of plain yogurt?

  • Buttermilkplain yogurt, and sour cream can substitute one for another and you make them at home, especially dairy-free buttermilk substitute!
    • Buttermilk is thinner so only use up to three-quarters of the amount called for, and then adjust it to get the same consistency as the recipe.
    • Strained or Greek yogurt works the best among yogurt.
  • The acid in yogurt, buttermilk, or sour cream will break down protein in flour to make baked goods softer. In this way, the protein won’t have big holes so moisture will be locked in. So you will get soft and moist results.

Can I substitute all-purpose flour with bread flour?

Yes, you can! Bread flour is a great alternative to all-purpose flour if you want to achieve an even chewier and more elastic dough. However, be sure to look out for a few things when substituting:

  • Texture: Bread flour has a higher protein content than all-purpose flour which means your result may be a bit more dense and chewy. 
  • Liquid amount: Because of bread flour’s density, it absorbs a lot more liquid than all-purpose flour. You may need to adjust the amount of liquid you use in this recipe. 
  • I highly recommend holding back about a quarter of the liquid to adjust dough consistency as you go. This way, you can save yourself the trouble of having to add more flour in case you end up with sticky, wet dough.

Can I make breadstick dough in a bread machine or a stand mixer?

Yes! If you’re in a pinch for time or want to save yourself from some arm workouts, you can dump all of your ingredients into a bread machine or into a bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook attachment to make your dough. 

What other seasonings and toppings are good on breadsticks?

While garlic butter is wonderful for Three-Ingredient Breadsticks, there are no rules that say you can’t experiment with other seasonings and toppings.

For alternative ways to spice up your breadsticks, I recommend sprinkling sesame seeds, finely chopped rosemary, poppy seeds, Everything But The Bagel seasoning, Parmesan cheese, basil, oregano, and thyme. You can even mix and match seasonings and toppings!

Brush garlic butter onto baked golden breadsticks on a baking tray.

Why are my no-yeast breadsticks dry? How do I prevent dry breadsticks?

After all of your hard work, the last thing you want is for your breadsticks to come out dry. To prevent dry breadsticks in the future, here are several things to look out for:

  • Overbaking: The number one culprit to dry breadsticks is overbaking. Baking for too long causes your breadsticks to become hard and dry. 
    • Make sure you bake them for 15 minutes or until golden brown and not longer. 
    • Depending on your oven, you may need to bake for more or less time. I suggest checking every 5 or so minutes to keep an eye on the color of your bread.
  • Lack of moisture: If your dough is on the drier side, you’re going to end up with dry breadsticks. Your dough should be smooth and pliable, not sticky. 
    • If your dough feels a bit too dry, add a splash of milk or water, or a spoonful of yogurt. Keep kneading until you reach the right consistency. It shouldn’t be sticky or dry to the touch.
  • Old ingredients: The best way to prevent dry breadsticks is to make sure your ingredients are up to date. Old ingredients pack less flavor and are stale from the get-go.

Gemma’s Pro Chef Tips:

  • Depending on where you are in the world and what brands you choose, flour and yogurt can vary widely. You may have to play around with the proportions of flour and yogurt to get it just right. Go slow and adjust a little at a time until the dough feels soft but workable.
  • You can add other spices or herbs to the flour before you add the yogurt for different flavors.
  • Make these 3-Ingredient Breadsticks for a crowd! This recipe can be doubled easily. 
  • Tie the ropes of dough into a knot before baking to make garlic knots instead of breadsticks!
  • These breadsticks go perfectly with my 5-Minute Pizza Sauce for dipping.
  • You can top off these breadsticks with my Sundried Tomato Compound Butter.

And don’t miss more everyday baking recipes in my NEW Bigger Bolder Baking Every Day Cookbook!

Watch The Recipe Video!

3-Ingredient Breadsticks Recipe (No Yeast)

4.66 from 38 votes
My Homemade No-Yeast Breadsticks recipe creates incredibly delicious fluffy and soft breadsticks with simple ingredients, requires no yeast!
Author: Gemma Stafford
Servings: 6 breadsticks
Prep Time 30 minutes
Cook Time 15 minutes
My Homemade No-Yeast Breadsticks recipe creates incredibly delicious fluffy and soft breadsticks with simple ingredients, requires no yeast!
Author: Gemma Stafford
Servings: 6 breadsticks


Basic Dough (already very soft, fluffy and fragrant!)

  • cups (7½ oz/213 g) all-purpose flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 cup(8 oz/225 g) plain yogurt (plus extra if needed)

Optional Add-ons (to elevate the delicious basic dough!)

  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • Egg wash
  • 3 tablespoons(1 ½ oz/42 g) butter , melted
  • 2 cloves garlic, crushed


  • Preheat the oven to 375°F (190°C) and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Set aside.
  • In a medium mixing bowl, combine flour, baking powder and salt (optional for extra flavor and stronger texture).
  • Add in the yogurt and mix until a dough is formed. If the mixture is a little dry, add a tablespoon of yogurt, a little at a time, until you have a workable dough.
  • Divide the dough into 6 equal pieces and roll each piece into a rope about 8 inches (20 cm) long.
  • Arrange evenly spaced apart on the prepared baking sheet and brush all over with the egg wash.
  • Bake for 25-28 minutes, or until golden brown.
  • Optionally to take the already-scrumptious breadsticks to the next level, combine the melted butter and crushed garlic and generously brush onto the breadsticks while they are still hot.
  • Serve immediately. Store leftovers in an airtight container for 1 day.




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1 year ago

Is it okay to sub rour cream for yogurt?

7 months ago

Hi Gemma,
can you make these into rolls instead of bread sticks?
If so would the oven temperature and bake time be the same?

1 year ago

Gemma, I just made the breadsticks, and they look very good however, they taste like they are missing something like salt or even some sugar. Would it hurt to add either or both to this recipe? I want to fix the breadsticks again because it was super easy, but I want the taste to be different. I did put butter, garlic, parsley, garlic salt and used Everything Bagel seeds on top of each stick before baking. Thanks – Carla

1 year ago

Hi Gemma!
Sharing the pic

Mary Donovan
Mary Donovan
1 year ago

Probably already asked/answered: have you tried these with GF flour? I soooo miss a good breadstick!

Shamima Shabnam
Shamima Shabnam
1 year ago

Hi Gemma!
I tried to make the breadsticks just now.I was as usual again successful.So easy and quick.Loved it.
Lots of love

1 year ago

Gemma, the baking time is confusing. The recipe says 25-28 minutes, but the section before the recipe addressing why they might come out dry says to bake 15 minutes and no longer so as to not overbake. I’m going to aim for 15 minutes and then keep checking for the right color, but I would feel more confident to know how long they usually take. Thank you!!

1 year ago

Gemma, they turned out perfect. Followed the recipe to a tee. Moist on the inside and just perfect after the garlic butter was applied to the outside. Another great recipe.

1 year ago

I was searching for a breadstick recipe that didn’t call for yeast because I used my last packet yesterday making cinnamon buns for my hubby. I found this recipe and am so glad I did! These breadsticks came out perfect for my spaghetti and meatballs dinner! I also put butter,grated Parmesan and Romano cheese and basil. Definitely a hit! Thank you! 🙂

1 year ago

can I try it into smaller pieces like 1 inches? Should I change the temperature? Thankyouuu! I’m a fan!

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