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As a professional chef and baker, I'm sharing my master cake recipes and cupcake creations. You'll find my Vanilla Birthday Cake recipe, Best-Ever Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake recipe, even a 3 Layer Microwave Cake, and many more. Plus, get my Best-Ever Vanilla Buttercream Frosting, Homemade Fondant recipes, and even make your own ingredients like butter, cake flour, and brown sugar.

My Top Tips for your Cakes:

  • Mix Wet & Dry Ingredients Separately Usually, you'll want to mix together your dry ingredients and your wet separately. Once that's done, you can add your wet ingredients to your dry. This method will yield you the best results and a more even texture in your baking.
  • Don't Over Mix Over mixing your batter will toughen and strengthen the gluten in the flour. Doing this to the gluten will yield you tougher baked goods, not a light and tender bake, like you want.
  • Can I use Egg Substitutes in Cake Recipes? YES! I have an egg substitute chart you can use for most of my recipes.


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