Gemma Talks Pizza Must-Haves, 5-Layer Wedding Cakes, and Italy’s Gelato Crackdown!

Today: Homemade pizza-making must-haves, multi-tiered wedding cakes, and Italy banning a certain way of making gelato!
Knead to Know 13 with Mia and Gemma and an image of Gelato.

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Welcome back to Knead to Know! Our host Mia and I discuss some pretty fun and delicious things this week — from pizza to giant cakes and gelato! As always, I’ll also be answering YOUR questions at the end, so stay tuned. Also — Happy Mother’s Day to all the mums out there in the U.S.!

Thank you all so much for listening and loving the show. If you rate the show five stars, we might just read your review on the podcast! Make sure you’re subscribed so you can catch the new episode each week on Sundays. Here are all the things Mia and I talked about this week:

Homemade Pizza Must-Haves!

Who knew that actress Zoe Saldana could make a pretty dang good-looking pizza? She recently posted a video of herself and her partner making pizza from scratch with the caption “#saturday calls for #pizza.” Mia and I think that #everyday calls for pizza, but we enjoyed rating her doughy creation and talking through my favorite utensils and equipment for making pizza at home!

Do you absolutely NEED a pizza stone and pizza oven? I let you all know on the show! Plus — did you know that some people (including reality stars on Netflix’s The Circle) cut their pizza with scissors? It’s true! 

Netflix’s Marriage or Mortgage Does A 5-Layer Wedding Cake

Speaking of Netflix and reality television, have you seen Marriage or Mortgage? I have, and spoiler alert: in episode three, a couple visits Nashville’s Ivey Cake to find their dream wedding cake. They’re presented with two-tier cakes, cupcakes, and — finally — a huge faux multi-tiered cake that is five layers with a terrarium in the middle!

A whole terrarium! So, is it normal to have faux cakes at weddings and then secretly cut up a sheet cake in the back? Have I ever made a wedding cake for someone else? Who made my wedding cake, and how did I pick it out? Can Mia have her greatest wish of peanut butter and jelly cake at her wedding?

I answer all of this on the show!

Italy May Put Bans On Gelato

A tray full of strawberry gelato.

Big gelato news: Italy is considering putting a ban on gelato being pumped with air to make it look ‘fluffy.’ If it passes, vendors could face fines up to $12,000 and 10,000 euros if the amount of air in gelato exceeds 30 percent. The proposal also suggests banning ingredients like artificial flavors and colors.

Listen, I’m not Italian, but is more air bad? I share all of my thoughts on this, plus tell you how you can make your own natural flavors and coloring at home!

Your Questions, Answered

As always, you all asked amazing questions — and I answered!

I dive into my “fountain of knowledge” to answer if instant yeast should be activated like dry yeast, as well as the ratio difference (giving myself a pat on the back). I also answer why a fan’s Swiss meringue may not be getting stiff peaks. Mia even asks a fan question herself this week: what’s your process when a Bold Baker requests a recipe you’ve never heard of? I was super excited to talk about that one.

Join us on the show to hear my answers! And again — Happy Mother’s Day!

Until Next Week…

Don’t forget — we’re just starting out, so be sure to subscribe, rate the podcast five stars wherever you listen and leave a comment with what you want to see next week if you’re watching on YouTube.

You can find Mia on Instagram and Twitter, and you can find me on Instagram and @BiggerBolderBaking everywhere else. 

See you next week on Knead to Know!

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