Gemma & Mia Talk Seven Layer Cookies, Baking With Chocolate, & More! | Knead to Know #11

What is a seven-layer cookie? Should you bake with chocolate bars or chips? What if celebrities were desserts? All this and more on episode 11 of the Knead to Know baking podcast!
Knead to Know 11 with Mia and Gemma

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Hi Bold Bakers!

Welcome back to a new episode of Knead to Know. If you haven’t heard, we’re changing things up around here! I’ll be joining our host Mia Brabham each week from the very beginning of the episode to discuss the latest baking trends and news. I’ll also be answering YOUR questions!

This week, I caught up with Mia about how my Amazon Live series has been going, and she fills me in on what yummy things she’s been trying lately! More importantly, I have a LOT to say about baking with chocolate bars vs. chocolate chips, and the new TikTok recipe that doesn’t seem to add up (have you ever heard of seven-layer cookies?)… you don’t want to miss it!

We’re also starting something super fun: if you rate the show five stars, we might just read your review on the podcast! Thank you all so much for listening and loving the show. Make sure you’re subscribed so you can catch the new episode each week on Sundays. Here’s what Mia and I talked about this week:

Are “Seven-Layer Cookies” Really Cookies?


Answer to @briana_missqueen I remember these growing up! Let’s make them! #fyp #baking #snacks #trending

♬ Way down We Go – KALEO

Mia showed me a new TikTok video by a user named @firstnamewild, and my reaction is hilarious — if I do say so myself. In the video, he bakes “seven-layer cookies” which are made up of graham crackers with melted butter, chocolate chips, butterscotch chips, nuts, condensed milk, and coconut. Similarly to one of her favorite food debates (“Is a hot dog a sandwich?”), Mia wants to know: can a bar be a cookie? My answer may or may not shock you, but you’ll have to tune in to find out!  

Baking With Chocolate Bars Vs. Chocolate Chips

The word chocolate written in chocolate.

Speaking of chocolate chips in recipes, PureWow put out an article covering The Best Chocolate Chips for Baking Just About Anything after testing name-brand and non-name brand chips. This inspires me to talk about my go-to chocolate chips for my recipes! I also dive into how different types of chocolate chips work better for different types of recipes, what cocoa percentage ACTUALLY means, and if it’s important to know for your recipe. Also, does anyone else ever snack on chocolate chips? Just me? Got it. 

Your Favorite Celebrities As Desserts

Tasty released a video of female pop singers as desserts, and while it is a bit of a stretch, it’s still fun. We see Lady Gaga as rainbow crepe cake, Taylor Swift as the ultimate funfetti cake, Rihanna as mango lime cheesecake, Shakira as tres leches cake — and so many more. Mia and I talk about what we’d be if we were desserts, and we also reveal what we listen to when we’re baking in the kitchen! Hint: what I listen to isn’t what you’re expecting.

Your Questions, Answered

This week, you all asked great questions — and I answered! I walk through egg substitutes and how to get just the right texture for your desserts, plus the ONE baked treat I really just cannot seem to ever get right. Hey, no one is perfect. Join us on the show to hear my answers!

Until Next Week…

Tell me how you feel about the new format below! I can’t wait to hear what you have to say. And don’t forget — we’re just starting out, so be sure to subscribe, rate the podcast five stars wherever you listen, and leave a comment with what you want to see next week if you’re watching on YouTube.

You can find Mia on Instagram and Twitter, and you can find me on Instagram. See you next week on Knead to Know!

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3 years ago

Will you be sharing the recipe for seven layer cookie?

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