Gemma Talks Seis Leches Cake, A New Brownie-Baking Tip, And More! Knead to Know #15

Seis Leches Cake, Alton Brown's unusual way of making brownies, and a new game of Try It or Toss It on Episode 15 of Knead to Know!
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Hi Bold Bakers!

Welcome to another episode of Knead to Know! Mia is back this week, and we talk about some clever and outrageous things — from Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent breakfast choice to a new interesting way to bake ooey-gooey brownies (hint: it has nothing to do with the ingredients!). Mia also prepared a fun new game for me, and I give a pretty hilarious opinion on seis leches cake and “Snickers salad,” if I do say so myself. 

At the end of the episode, I talk about how I develop my recipes, so stay tuned! Here’s what we chatted about this week:

Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Boyfriend Breakfast”

The actress and lifestyle brand curator of “goop” posted a photo to Instagram showing off her “boyfriend breakfast” which involved a tasty-looking toad in the hole dish complete with scallions and cheddar from Diana Henry’s From Oven To The Table. Mia and I talk about the English and American version of toad in the hole, if it works as a breakfast dish, and just like Gwyneth — what foods I constantly craved over the course of the pandemic!

Alton Brown’s Brownie Hack

Alton Brown, the cinematographer-turned-famous celebrity chef has disclosed how he gets the absolute PERFECT ooey-gooey fudgy brownie — and it involves no extra ingredients, just the oven!

I adore Alton, but I’ll say this: they can’t get better than my Best-Ever Brownies and my Crinkle-Top Brownies! To me, it’s all about the recipe. 

Try or Toss: Seis Leches Cake, Snickers Salad, And Cheez-it Cake

This week, Mia wanted to try something new and so she came up with a game for us called “Try or Toss”! Mia is constantly scouring Twitter and she came across three very interesting desserts: seis leches cake, Snickers salad, and Cheez-it cake!

She wants to know: would I try it or toss it? You can listen to the show to hear my thoughts and takes, but you have to tell me: would you eat these?! 

Your Questions, Answered

As always, you asked amazing questions — and I answered! This week, I tell Mia about how I develop my recipes. You’re in for a treat. Join us on the show to hear my answers! 

Until Next Week…

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See you next week on Knead to Know!

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Shreeya Sawhney
Shreeya Sawhney
3 years ago

Can’t seem to find this episode anywhere?! Help!

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