Gemma Talks The $100 Sandwich, Cakes With Messages, and More!

Let's talk about Disneyland's new $100 sandwich, Amy Schumer's Birthday Cake, and iHOP's new venture!
Gemma and Mia Knead to Know

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Hi Bold Bakers!

This week on Knead to Know, Mia is back with me to chat about the hottest trends and takes in baking! Disneyland’s $100 sandwich has us both thinking about the best bread for the ultimate sandwich. IHOP’s spanking new restaurant news got us talking about sublime pancake topics, breakfast charcuterie boards, and an interesting internet pancake trend. And finally, Amy Schumer’s recent birthday cake made me laugh… and also think about what I’d write on a cake for Kevin’s birthday. 

At the end of the episode, we answer a great fan question about baking up the best pancakes, so stay tuned! Here’s what we chatted about this week:

Disneyland’s New $100 Sandwich


Anyone seen a quantum sized Pym-ini being eaten by a family? @myhealthydish #Disney #DisneyParks #Disneyland #CaliforniaAdventure #AvengersCampus

♬ original sound – Disney Parks

Disneyland’s new Avenger Campus opened on June 4th, and there is an Avengers-themed Sandwich that is $100! The Ant-Man-inspired Quantum-Sized Pym-ini Sandwich is made for six to eight people to split and is complete with salami, rosemary ham, provolone cheese, and a sun-dried tomato spread on toasted focaccia. I give my thoughts on what I would put on my $100 sandwich — and the best-baked bread and toppings for yummy sandwiches, of course!

IHOP’s New Fast-casual Restaurant, ‘Flip’d’

IHOP is launching a new fast-food chain called ‘Flip’d’ and it’s getting — wait for it — customizable pancake bowls. You’ll have to listen to hear Mia and I’s reaction to this, plus what we’d put in the ULTIMATE pancake bowl.

Also, what do you all think of breakfast charcuterie boards and the pancake cereal trend? Have you tried it, and would you?

Amy Schumer’s Chocolatey, Cheeky Birthday Cake

Let’s talk about a different type of cake: birthday cakes. Last week, Amy Schumer turned 40 and her husband, chef Chris Fischer, made her a chocolate-frosted cake with sprinkles and a message that read “I’m leaving you. This was the only way I could think to do it.” Now that’s my kind of cake.

Mia asks me: are messages on cakes tacky or fun? She also introduces me to Drake on Cake by Joy the Baker (yes, we do a dramatic reading), and we also talk sprinkles on cakes! Join us on the show to hear if we love ‘em or hate ‘em… and we don’t have to discuss my cake decorating skills, alright?

Your Questions, Answered

Gemma Stafford holding a stack of her Homemade Blueberry Pancakes recipe.

A fan-submitted a baking story and questioned if she should be using a higher concentration of buttermilk for their pancakes, so I gave it a go and talked through what type of milk is best for pancakes. She also shared a fun trick that worked for amazing, fluffy pancakes — I can’t wait to try it myself!

Until Next Week…

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See you next week on Knead to Know!

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